– Thank you all so much for your sleep suggestions. I decided to RELAX about the whole thing and let him just do his thing. You’re right, he’s only 10 weeks old and it’s not like he’ll be sleeping in the swing when he’s four. (I mean, I hope not.) He has no  interest in the pacifier, and I have to admit, when you were all suggesting swaddling I was all, yeah, NO.

Owen started busting out of his swaddle at about three weeks old and wanted nothing to do with it. NOTHING. Even if he was wrapped tightly, he would grunt and struggle until he freed his arms, so it was a big old waste.

But then.

Then, I read your comments and thought, what the hell. I’ll try it again. So I nursed him, turned on the sound machine, swaddled him TIGHT and put him in the crib.

He slept for three hours.


And it wasn’t a fluke, because he did it again last night, and is currently going on hour two tonight as I write this. He certainly doesn’t sleep as long in the crib as he does in the swing, but he’s asleep. IN the crib. After that first stretch he wakes up around 11-ish to nurse and then I do put him in the swing to get a long stretch (as much for his well-being as for my sanity), but I would say this is progress.

(Even though I keep tip-toeing in to make sure he’s breathing because I just can’t believe it.)

So thank you, all mighty mommy geniuses.

– We were in the garden center at Lowe’s today snatching up some drastically reduced (60 percent off!) patio furniture and there were birds everywhere. Birds. Flying around in Lowe’s. Crapping on the patio furniture.

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird and actually pretty gross? It’s not an arboretum or the rare birds display at the Bronx Zoo…it’s Lowe’s. I guess they get in through the loading docks or something, but all big stores have loading docks. I’ve never seen birds flying around Kohl’s or the grocery store. I spent a good portion of the time there peering suspiciously at the ceiling to make sure one didn’t poop on Owen’s head as he hung out in the Baby Bjorn.

– When I asked you all for lunch suggestions a few months ago you gave me such good ideas. So I need your help again. Six o’clock or so is the witching hour and that means fuss, fuss, fussing (the baby, not me), (OK, sometimes me too); so I need make-ahead dinner ideas. Meals I can prepare when the baby is sleeping during the day and just pop in the oven (or onto the stove top, whatever) at dinner time. We eat just about everything and yes, I have a Crockpot, although I don’t want to use it every day.

– If I was a single gal and could pick a TV character to date, it would be Jim from The Office. The way he loves Pam is just too freaking sweet.