I’ve been very fortunate in my blogging career to meet some fabulous fellow bloggers in person. Even more fortunate, most of them have become really wonderful friends. I love that they all come from different walks of life; they are mothers, artists, fashionistas, city gals, country gals, and everything in between. What I love most about these women is our differences. The things that bind us are incredible, but the things that make them most unique and the things that are different from my own life makes them so interesting.

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet another blogger. Jenna of That Wife fame was on the East coast to photograph a wedding, and was sweet enough to come to my neck of the woods. I consider her to be one of the blogging Big Guys, so I was always kind of impressed she enjoyed emailing back and forth with me. When she mentioned she was going to be close by and asked if we could meet, I knew we had to make it happen.

Jenna was everything like I thought she would be. Bubbly, friendly, and SO excited to get her hands on Owen. She scooped him up in the biggest bear hug I had ever seen and covered him with kisses. “I love him!” she exclaimed, and I couldn’t help but share he enthusiasm. Sadly, she didn’t have her son — affectionately know in the blog world as That 1 — with her, or I would have done exactly the same thing.

We come from different words, she and I. I’m generalizing here, but she’s a LDS farm girl with an eye for photography and the most beautiful skin I have ever seen in person. Seriously, it’s like an airbrushed makeup ad. We have different views on politics, religion, birth and who knows what else.


We bonded anyway. Over our children. Over blogging. Over ice-cold fruit smoothies.

Over life.

I know I added another friend to my life the minute I met her. And I feel really fortunate about that.

There are times when I’m ready to stop blogging. When I think These Little Moments filled a special part of my life, but has run its course.

But then I come across the Jenna’s of the world and I think, maybe I’ll do this is a little bit longer.