– This week I became an aunt and am about the become a cousin (second cousin?) in a matter of hours. I am so excited about all the babies surrounding us. My cousin is in labor as we speak! I ask that you send your thoughts and prayers, though, to my sister-in-law and new twin nieces — born very early and at just over two and three pounds respectively. They are breathing on their own (yay!!) but have a long road ahead of them before they can come home. The whole ordeal makes me even more thankful for my healthy, chunky boy. (Currently 18 pounds at almost four months. Oh…my arms…)

– Speaking of 18 pounds: EIGHTEEN POUNDS, guys. This kid is all cheeks and thighs. And he loves to be held, so if I’m not diesel in the very near future, I’m requesting a refund. He makes a great free-weight, though, so I’ve been using him for exercise 😉

– Next weekend is our two-year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. Exactly a year ago tomorrow we found out there was going to be an Owen, and two years ago I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get last-minute wedding things together. I wonder where we’ll be next year…

We’re continuing the tradition of returning to where we honeymooned — this year, baby in tow! I’m really excited to take him out around the small town, through the cute shops and around the lake. This year, we’ll probably be either taking in the early bird special, or ordering room service, because Mr. O is asleep by 7.

– About that sleep: remember when little ol’ naive me — mother of an 11-week old —  was panicking about him sleeping in the swing? Thank you all for telling me to relax, nutbag. At almost 16-weeks, he is now exclusively sleeping in the crib at night, and doing really well. We haven’t yet mastered naps, but hey, I’ll take sleeping at night over great naps any day. (Well, most days.)

– I want new shoes. I WANT NEW SHOES.

– Also, new shoes.

– Mostly, a pair of flat-soled ,soft leather boots in a beautiful shade of brown.

– Gimme. Me want.

– Speaking of that nap…Owen is demanding I stop neglecting him, take him out of the Bumbo seat and put him to sleep. I suppose I must oblige.