It’s time I get moving on our Christmas cards, and for those like me who want a lot of options, but are dragging their feet, Shutterfly is a great place to turn. The card selections are virtually endless, and turn-around time is so quick! Last year I had my cards within two days of placing my order.

The only tricky thing is picking a card!

I like how this Merry Modern Christmas Collage Card has room for lots of different photos in a, well, modern design!

The Starlight Snowflakes card is a simple format to showcase a really cute face (and since O will be the star of our card this year, I think we’ve got that cute face covered!)

And this Joy to You card is a great way to wish all a happy holiday, not just a merry Christmas.

Now I’m off to try and decide which card will represent our family this year. Quite a task! Start the search for your perfect card here!

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