From Formspring: Hey Molly! What milestones do you and Michael look most forward to celebrating with Owen? Do you find that your perception of time has changed at all? Are you thinking about the future more than ever or are you mostly grounded in the present?

Initially, I answered the question like this:

Cliche as it sounds, time is FLYING. I would say I’m grounded in the present, but the present is ever-changing (if that makes any sense.) Every day I am fascinated when he discovers a new skill or toy…it’s amazing to see a person really grow before your eyes.

I’m most looking forward to his first Christmas, watching him taste food for the first time (although that will be bittersweet for me) and hearing his first real word. He already says “Oooooh WA!”, so maybe it will actually be his name!

And then came this weekend. See, we’ve been waiting for him to roll over. He used to, actually. When he was 2.5 weeks old he would roll from his belly to his back if he got really mad and worked up some momentum. And then he stopped, which didn’t surprise me, since he wasn’t even a month old yet. Since then, we’ve done a lot of tummy time, but he’s just not all that interested in flipping over. He’s done it on occasion, but then looks at me like, “Why should I do this? This is boring!” Instead, he prefers to lie on his back and roll from side to side, playing with his feet but not actually rolling over.

I wasn’t really worried about it, but my mom kept asking if he had rolled again, so I started to think maybe he should be! Maybe he’s developmentally behind! Is something wrong with him?!

I started to agonized over it; doing Google searches and comparing him to other babies his age we’re friendly with. Some were rolling, some weren’t. Ok…

Well, here’s a lesson I had to learn: all kids are different. If your five-month old hasn’t rolled over yet, he can still be one smart cookie. Observe:

Well, no wonder he doesn’t want to roll. Who wants to roll when you can SIT? Do you know what happens when you sit? You can reach things! Like the toys above your play mat, or the place mat at a restaurant (which rips! Do you know paper rips?!), or the fork right off of Mama’s plate. Sitting allows you to discover your world in an entirely different light and JEESH, Mama. Stop trying to make me roll over! I’ll do it when I’m good and ready.

The milestones are coming fast and furious and this one was a game changer. This whole making a human thing? Pretty darn cool.