Tomorrow is my 28th birthday. It’s not such a landmark number. It’s not 10 (Double digits!), 16 (Drivers license!), 18 (Vote! Buy cigarettes! [Not that I did, but I could have]), 21 (Can legally drink!), or the “dreaded” Big 3-0. No, it’s just 28.

My 28th birthday is just going to be the cherry on top of what was a pretty awesome year.

I spent half 0f 2010 pregnant, preparing for parenthood and for the little life we were going to bring into the world. I was thrown beautiful showers by people I love. I celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday and two years of marriage with my best friend.

Owen’s birth in June topped anything I could have ever imagined. At 1:05 p.m. on June 26th I became a mother. A mommy. Owen’s mama. That moment redefined my entire life because suddenly, someone’s life depended on me. It gave me purpose like I had never felt before.

June through December has brought joy, tears, frustration, laughter, wonderment, exhaustion, fun and happiness. I have learned patience, acceptance, hell, I learned to feed someone from my boobs. That’s a pretty big deal. I watched fireworks in the car with my husband while my 8-day old son slept in the backseat. I changed a lot of poopy diapers. I got peed on a few times. More than a few times.

I had my first cocktail in over a year.

I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s weddings. I lost 40 pounds of pregnancy weight and then some.

I shared holidays with people I love and watched my squishy little newborn turn into a real live boy who is I also learned I could survive and function on very little sleep. Very little.

The events of the past year have shaped my life permanently, and I say goodbye to 2010 and my 27th year with a smile.

Happy New Year, everyone!