You guys, I can’t even deal with how funny the comments on the last post were. I love that we are all cheesy pop fans at heart. And so many great new blogs for me to check out! Thanks for saying hi!

So, I decided not to do that Rachel Ray recipe thing, because as one person pointed out, once you’ve subscribed to her magazine for a year, it basically repeats itself and who needs 500 burger recipes? So I guess instead, on occasion, I’ll just post about a recipe I tried from wherever. Lately I’ve been trying really hard to cook using only what I have on hand (a.k.a. cleaning out the freezer), and I think I’ve come up with a couple good meals lately. It’s so satisfying when that happens!

Tonight, I’m making a quiche. Only I’m calling it “spinach pie” in attempt to redirect Michael’s attention so he doesn’t notice that it is, in fact, a quiche. Michael doesn’t like quiche. He does like spinach pie, however, so I’m hoping maybe he’ll gloss right over the fact that there is — you know — eggs in it, and focus on the spinach. Although, maybe there are eggs in spinach pie? I actually have no idea because me? I don’t like spinach pie. Confused yet?

It’s just one of those things. You have something once — in this example quiche — and you don’t like it. So on that note, you don’t like any quiche ever, despite what’s in it or how it’s made. That’s where Michael is and up until recently, I was in that boat too. But on a visit to my mom’s house, she made a spinach quiche and I’ll be damned, it was delicious. And since I was looking to jazz up my dinner routine, I bought some frozen spinach and a pie crust…and forgot all about them.

Until this whole “use what you have on hand” thing became my mission, and I decided to make the damn quiche already. Some searching on my favorite recipe site came up with a yummy sounding one that has many things that make me mmmm (mainly, bacon. And cheese. Mmmmm.), and I figure with a side salad, Michael might just gloss over the fact that it is technically the Q-word and enjoy it. He’s also not really into breakfast for dinner (I know. I KNOW.), so we may have more than one hurdle to cross.

However, I’m the cook in this house, so what I say goes.

I’m also hoping that maybe he doesn’t check to see if I’ve posted until after dinner so I can be spared the inevitable “we’re having quiche???

Wish me luck.