…a pedicure, a glass of sparkling wine, the green of a summer day. Actually, the heat of a summer day. The sun on my face, freckles on my shoulders, bare feet buried in warm sand. Juicy watermelon, homemade burgers on the grill, hours of extra daylight, evenings by the outdoor fire drinking cold beers with good friends.

…a 12-hour sleep. Nine to nine. Uninterrupted dreams under fluffy down comforters. A night of no responsibility except to rest. No cries at 1 a.m. ripping me from slumber and the arms of my husband. No cries again at 4 a.m. demanding attention. One night. Lots of sleep. Waking with bright eyes and bushy tail.

…time to slow down, just a little. The smell of my baby lingering in the folds of my clothes. Wishing that smell would last forever. Like water and spring and sunshine and something else…delicious. Rosy chubby cheeks and little, chubby fingers wrapped in my hair. Gummy smiles punctuated by two pearly whites. The days to pass just a little more slowly, afraid to blink or miss it all.

…a night on the town. Bombshell curls and sky-high heels. A dress to kill and appreciative stares from the only one who matters. A cozy table for two in the back of a busy restaurant, the buzz of the room disappearing as hands meet under the table, intertwining, connecting.

…a good book, some good music, a painting that speaks to me. Art that touches the soul, makes you feel.

…it all. I’m craving it all.

What are you craving?