– I have a whole slew of posts I want to write — a budget one, a food one, a very important (snort) one about my hair — but I just can’t seem to get to any of them. I think it has something to do with my little monkey, who has recently discovered that he can scoot in his walker (ok, more like FLY BANG CRASH!!! in his walker ) to all the end tables and shelves and pull and knock everything off. And he can also run over the dog. I spend a good portion of my day trying to get him to NOT run over the dog.

Since he’s thisclose to crawling and becoming even more mobile, my free time has dwindled a bit. But that’s ok because he’s most awesome right now. Like, totally. He’s really happy and fun. And FUNNY. We recreated that YouTube video of the baby laughing at paper and it was by far one of the best moments of motherhood thus far.

– The countdown has begun for the annual Sister Week visit. My sister arrives on Saturday and I am so.flipping.excited. I’m also excited about having a built-in babysitter, which will allow for a date night out with my husband, our FIRST aside from some weddings/holiday parties since Owen was born. There will be some adult beverages, hand holding, and most likely tons of discussion about our yummy baby, because how can we not?

– Ok! Enough sappy stuff! Can we talk about…Cream of Wheat?

No, seriously. So a few weeks ago when I was having that weird stomach stuff, it turned out not to be the return of my period, but rather a nasty stomach virus that lasted an entire week. It wasn’t pretty. To help settle my stomach, I bought some Cream of Rice since rice is binding and I figured it would be something pretty safe and bland to put in my stomach.

Bland. Yup. It’s pretty much like eating paste. Even with the additions of honey and fruit. But the box lasted forever, so I kept eating it and eventually started to like it enough. More so for the texture than anything else. When the box was finally empty, I decided to move up to Cream of Wheat for a little more flavor/nutritional value. Only when I went to buy it, I was met with this:

Um…this is a joke, right? The Candid Camera crew is hiding behind that row of cereal boxes waiting to jump out at me, right? Because here I am, faced with the choice of making my Cream of Wheat in 1 minute, or 10 minutes, or two and a half minutes, or what the hell, INSTANTLY.


Reading the packaging gave me no indication that one was better than the other, but I agonized over it. The 10-minute was out. I have a baby, Cream of Wheat. Do you know the damage he can do in 10 minutes while I’m standing stiring you over the stove? No thank you. Now one minute is certainly shorter than 2.5 minutes, but am I losing quality by taking the shortcut? And instant? Well, you get less in the instant box, and hey, let’s be economical shall we? At least this one has a concrete reason to be put back on the shelf.

So. One minute, or 2.5? How do you choose? What would YOU do?

It was time to stop being that weirdo standing around the cereal aisle surrounded by boxes of Cream of Wheat, so in the end, my decision was based purely on the fact that I wanted the Whole Grain Cream of Wheat, and that one takes 2.5 minutes. (Because????)

In the end, it was two and a half minutes well spent, as it was quite yummy.

And I guess the real question is, how many minutes did I spend writing about Cream of Wheat?