Or, “In One Where I Scare You With Unflattering Camera Photos That Give Me the Wonk Eye”.

The woman who cuts our hair is wonderful, but she works at two salons so she is only near us one evening a week. This used to be no problem, if I needed an appointment, I’d just schedule one for whenever. But the logistics of that have changed since having a baby and it now requires a little more planning than before. As a result, I tend to just forget to make an appointment until it’s SERIOUSLY TIME to make an appointment.

(Wonk Eye Photo Number 1)

Desperately needing a hair cut. And maybe a different effect on the phone’s camera that doesn’t make me a ghost.

It was so, so long and Owen has a field day ripping it from my head. I didn’t want a “mom” cut (and Michael’s only request with my hair is that I don’t chop it off — which is fine because I really don’t look good with short hair), but I needed a change. A change that would work even when I just threw my hair up quick. A look that was NOT working with this long no-style style.

(Wonk Eye Photo #2)

Just a mess. See those weird little wingy hairs over my ears? That’s brand new hair that showed up during my pregnancy, and is now in that weird too-tiny-to-be-even-remotely-cute stage. Hair takes a long time to grow, apparently.

So off I went last Thursday to the salon, wanting a small change. Just enough to feel like I had a style even when I didn’t have the time to style it.

I left like this.

(Wonk Eye Photo #3. What is UP with the wonk eye?)

Bangs! That I like! I think! Maybe! Not sure yet! (Also, must clean bathroom mirror. And not make awkward poses.)

I fiddled around with them the next day with some product and the flat iron because those stupid little new hairs like to freak out in the shower and curl up against my skull. It’s hot, really.

So, mom-on-the-go cute? I hope?