You know how some bloggers do these nifty holiday gift guides chock full of stuff you never knew you needed until you saw them compiled into a list? I tend to ooh and ahh over those but never real buy anything because they just don’t seem like things that will really benefit my ever day. So I decided to make a list for you of things that are ACTUALLY benefitting my every day, in the off chance that they might also benefit you. Because I like to be helpful.

None of these companies are compensating me for writing loving things about their products, but hey, if they want to get in touch and shower me with gifts, I wouldn’t say no.


I recently purchased a hand held milk frother to make hot beverages at home and save some dough. It arrived yesterday and after today’s first use, I conclude it was a purchase well made. It not only frothed, it SUPER frothed.

The Aerolatte 20 Mooo Milk Frother is a tiny, quick little machine. It frothed up my milk to soft, high peaks and did it in seconds. The Aerolatte also comes in silver, but the cow print was on sale when I ordered and it makes it kitchy-cute. It also comes in a hard travel case, for all your frothing-on-the-go needs. (Does anyone have frothing-on-the-go needs? Well, if they do, you’re covered.)

Purchased on Amazon for $12.51.

Remember a ways back when I was asking about steam mops? After lots of positive feedback, I started doing some research on my own and after reading through Consumer Reports and tons of online reviews (the review that sold me was written by a woman who along with her friends in the neighborhood, bought basically every steam mop on the market and did a side-by-side comparison. This one won!), I settled on the Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer. Fairly lightweight, easy to put together, simple instructions, and most importantly, a really clean floor. I’ve never gotten my kitchen linolium so clean without a lot of elbow grease. This mop did the job without making me crazy. It was so easy to use, in fact, that I did it with Owen strapped to my chest.

Purchased on Amazon (I love Amazon) for around $65.

While daily showers are always the goal, I’ve always been an every-other-day hair washer. It tends not to get oily until the end of the second day, and when I was coloring my hair, it helped the color to last longer. However, you know how sometimes, even if you didn’t really need to wash your hair, by mid-day it’s starting to look like maybe you should have?

I had heard about dry shampoo for a long time, but something about it just skeeved me out a little. I think because it sounded like you were using in instead of washing your hair, and that just didn’t sit right. In a sense, you are using it in lieu of washing, but you’re not using it to clean yourself, only extend the life of your last shampoo.

The Fresh Start Dry Shampoo by Tresemme comes in versions for curly and straight hair. I used the straight version. Simply spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and brush it out. For under $5, I think this this is a pretty good deal, especially when chasing after a nine-month old. Truth? I don’t LOVE the smell. It’s a little strong for me. But when I find myself in a situation when I need to run out and my hair is making me look a little less than put together, I like having it on hand to absorb any oil that snuck up on me. It’s also adds some body to my roots, which is nice since I have super fine hair that tends to fall flat.

Found at any drugstore.

So there you have it, some things making my life just a little easier. What can’t you live without right now? (Maybe I need it too!)