Last night I saw on the news that Prince William will not wear a wedding ring after he marries Kate Middleton. For some reason, this really rubbed me the wrong way.

I said something about it on Twitter, and there were some sarcastic responses about “like father, like son”, and it got me thinking, that’s exactly why I don’t like it. Wasn’t Charles keeping Camilla on the side while he was still with Diana? Am I wrong? Am I admitting to knowing way more about the royal family than I’d like to?

Either way, Charles’ history or not, it bothers me that Prince William won’t be wearing a wedding band. Especially since Kate will be. Being a married person myself, I’d be hurt if Michael chose not to wear a ring. Why? Because it symbolizes something more than a wedding day. Trust, committment, love, family. Sure, you can be a cheating bastard and still be wearing your wedding ring, so all those symbols could mean absolutely nothing, but to step out of the gate first thing — to say your vows, place a ring on your wife’s finger (essentially stating she is a taken woman) and then not reciprocate?


I know I’m going to get flamed by at least someone in the comments. Someone whose father/brother/uncle/friend doesn’t wear a wedding ring and is a wonderful, loving, faithful husband none-the-less. Of course he is! I’m not saying by keeping your ring finger bare you are any less than a perfect partner. My friends’ father works with his hands, he can’t wear the ring. He’s been faithfully married for 30 years. That’s not the point.

What I’m saying is that here are two VERY public figures, surrounded by endless buzz about their wedding that has been going on for MONTHS. They’ve made a pretty huge stink about this whole getting married business. They’re royalty. And it’s not like neither one will be wearing a wedding ring; the wife will be. Why shouldn’t the husband?

Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe this is not a big deal to anyone else. Maybe in Britain, this hasn’t even been talked about.  I have a feeling, though, that if President Obama didn’t wear his wedding ring, there would be all sorts of controversy over it and the institution of marriage and family.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this rainy day. Feel free to disagree with me, just keep it civil, ok? Comment wars are so 2010.