I was working on this ridiculously whiny post a little while ago about how it was only the morning and we’d already had a day, but had to stop when O had enough of his blocks and was nap time fussy. We went upstairs and as I was nursing him, I could tell he was trying his hardest to poop. Which is good, since lately he has been waking himself too up too early from almost every nap by taking a poop. Seriously. Every time. I’m beginning to think he’s doing it on purpose.

Since it seemed as though we would eliminate this problem today before he fell asleep, I waited until he was done and put him on the changing table. Only, it turned out he tricked me and it was only gas, and by the time he was zipped back into his sleep sack and we settled into the glider, he wasn’t all that interested in napping at all. Instead, he started doing his patented “I’m too cute to nap” routine, by stopping nursing every few seconds to peek at me, then smile, then burst out laughing. It’s hard not to laugh along with him when he does that.

Not willing to push it if he wasn’t tired, we came back downstairs and I put him in his walker, figuring he’d tire himself out soon enough. Within minutes, he had pooped (yay!) and was rubbing his eyes. I changed him, brought him back upstairs, and settled back into the glider.

And then he reached out, grabbed my thumb and mumbled “Mamamamama” as he nuzzled into my breast. He hasn’t really said it much since he discovered he could, so each time is still exciting. And this time, so sweet.

Just like that, my day turned around. In just an instant it went from downright annoying, to pretty darn awesome.

So tell me, what’s the bright spot in your day today?