– Remember when I asked you to delurk and you came out of the shadows and linked to your blogs? I’ve been reading you mwahahahah! Well, ok, not all creepy-like. I’ve just turned the tables and have been lurking around quietly. And you guys! How come you didn’t tell me sooner about all your fabulous blogs? I needed some new reads and you delivered. I’m thinking of making a post just to highlight some of my new favorites. Stay tuned!

– We have a new addition to our family. His name is BOB.

If it were physically possible to make out with a jogging stroller, this would be the jogging stroller. I know, who am I? Getting all hot and bothered over a stroller. But this thing is a dream. Turns on a dime, can be pushed with basically one finger and O is the king of our town as he gets pushed along. I had never heard of the BOB before Owen was born, but apparently they are like, a THING around these parts. They are everywhere! Singles, doubles. We must pass at least two on our daily walks.

One woman stopped me the other day (pushing her double BOB) and asked if I had ever seen a higher concentration of them than in our town. Maybe it’s a New England thing? Like how NYC loves their Uppa strollers? Are BOBs big where you are?

Either way, give me a minute while I go stare longingly at him…

…Ok, I’m back.

– Crazy how life changes, eh? Just a year ago the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a stroller (I KNOW) would have seemed ridiculous when I could spend it on something like shoes. Oh, shoes. I still love you. I’m sorry I’ve been cheating on you for adjustable suspension and breathable mesh.

Speaking of shoes, would anyone be interested if I offered up a pair for sale? They’re not heels, but adorably preppy Sperry Topsiders that I love so much, but no longer fit into. Pregnancy didn’t really seem to make my feet bigger, but it apparently did something in regards to this particular shoe, because they are too tight.

They’ve been worn MAYBE five times and are in perfect condition. I’d offer them up for less than I paid. Would that be weird? They don’t smell, I promise. And if someone buys them, I can buy a new pair that fits. Win!

– Now that I have this fancy jogger, I’m thinking about maybe, you know, jogging with it. I’m not a runner by any means so I would have to start reeeaaallly slow. Maybe even try the Couch to 5k thing? Maybe? But whatever I do, I need some new tunes to run jog walk briskly to. On your mark, get set, give me some songs!

– BOB is calling. Must go. Coming, darling!