What does this sign mean to you?

I’m not asking to be sarcastic. I’m asking because we pass this on our walk daily, and every single day we encounter a problem because of it.

Here’s how I read it: I walk on the left side of the path. If there is a biker, they are coming straight at me, but since I am a pedestrian, I have the right of way and therefore do not have to move to the right. They, in turn, being on the bike, have ample time and speed to circle around me on the right (their left). Because like on the road, you pass on the left.

Right? Or, er, correct?

Because it’s like a deadly game out chicken out there. Sometimes the bikers don’t move, so I have to push the stroller out of the way quickly to the right to avoid becoming road kill. Which is not always the best solution if there are bikes coming up behind me on the right! And if they win the game of chicken, they give me a death stare as they zoom by me on my left.

Or sometimes there are people not following the sign at all and waking on their right, so you’ll be walking towards each other and then bikes will come along and all hell breaks loose because OMIGOD WHERE DO WE GO?

I very well could be wrong here and maybe I AM supposed to move aside for the bikes. I have no idea. The sign isn’t all the clear.

What do you think?

Owen and I thank you in advance for keeping us from becoming road pancakes.