– Owen slept 13 hours last night. THIRTEEN. Anyone who has followed the blog since he was born knows that he and sleep did not get a long for a very long time, so naturally this sleeping through the night thing has thrown me for a loop. I checked on him twice to make sure he was still breathing, and what I found is that he’s finally sleeping on his stomach — something I’ve suspected for a while, just never caught him doing.

But there he was, face down, sleeping on his hands. FACE DOWN. Likes to freak me out, this kid. But hey, I guess he’s comfortable…and well rested!

– I’d also just like to state for the records, since this basically serves has his baby book, that he now says “Mama”, “Dada”, “Dog” (EVERYTHING is dog. Dog, dog, dog. Especially…well, dogs.) and…”Elmo”. Yup, he says Elmo. We do let him watch some Sesame Street so don’t bother sending the Bad Parenting Police our way with their anti-TV torches. I’m ok with 20 minutes of PBS. He turned 10-months this week and I can’t believe we have this real live person who attempts to communicate with us. Nuts!

– I’d like to start working on a photo montage of Owen’s first year before the next two months fly by me. I started looking into songs that might work with it, and most of them are JUST SO CHEESY. I have one in mind that might work, but am looking for some suggestions. What do you think would work for a recap of a little boy’s first year? (And please, no “Beautiful Boy”. I can’t put my finger on it, but that song bugs me.)

– I had a clothing meltdown last weekend. I’m not saying this is a braggy way, but I’ve lost a lot of weight and don’t know what to do with this new body. I’m about 12 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight and nothing I own fits. Yeah, yeah, wah, wah. But it’s true. And I know it’s because I’ve been nursing a big baby and he’s just taking away all those extra calories. Most likely when he stops nursing, most if not all of the weight will return and then my clothes will fit.

But right now, they don’t. And I can only wear the same jeggings/tee/cardigan/ballet flats- comb so many times. I need some clothes.

The meltdown happened on Easter when I realized I was dangerously approaching a go-naked-to-the-inlaw’s situation and I really don’t think that would have gone over well. I ended up in an ill-fitting outfit that made me feel sloppy and unattractive and while of course it didn’t matter what I was wearing there, it affected my mood.

Owen’s baptism is this weekend. I have a handful of showers coming up and three weddings to attend. So in addition to every day clothes, I need some fancier options. I’m hesitant, though, because I feel guilty about it. Like buying clothes that I most likely won’t fit in by the end of the year is a waste of money and I should save it or spend it on something more useful, like a new vacuum. (Ours has finally waved its white flag in surrender to the beast that is Kodiak.)

So yeah, I’m just whining. But I’m conflicted about it. And in the meantime, I absolutely must buy something to wear this weekend, because if I thought going naked to my in-law’s would have been a bad idea, I can’t even imagine the repercussions of going nude to church.

– Can we talk about Extreme Couponing on TLC? Have you seen this show? I started watching after I decided to get serious about our food budget, and YOU GUYS. These women. Ok, they do amazing saving money. I mean, they get their grocery bills down from something like $600 to under a buck by using coupons. But…BUT. Do you see what they buy? Most of it is crap.Piles and piles of frozen pizza, 50 bottles of yellow mustard, tons of candy.

I am fascinated by their skills, yet horrified by their Hoarders-esque storage rooms filled to the brim with items they don’t use, yet bought because they could. At least some of them donate items to charities.

I am super impressed by the way some get overages by couponing, which they in turn put towards fresh items at the grocery store. I’m pretty sure my store doesn’t do that, though, and also, I don’t have the desire to buy, nor the space to store 100 boxes of antacid just to earn some free stuff.

It’s riveting, though, and keeps me most entertained on Wednesday night. Thank you, TLC, for such a gem of a show.