I’d like to take a moment this morning to mourn the loss of one of my most favorite television characters ever.

The smoking hot SVU bad boy detective, Elliot Stabler.

(Sorry, Michael. You know I adore him.)

Actor Chris Meloni announced this will be his final season on the long-running Law & Order: SVU, and while I suppose 12 seasons is a good run, I think there are many women who will agree with me that we could have watched another 12 of Mr. Meloni. Preferably shirtless.


Oh, Elliot. I will miss you so. Maybe throw us a bone and hook up with Olivia before you leave? I mean, come on. You two are perfect for each other.

*Could you tell the title was that noise they make between scenes on SVU? No? It wasn’t a reference to Chris Meloni’s bum, although…I’m sure that’s quite nice. (I never watched him in Oz, but I heard it’s quite…interesting!)