– Remember back before I got married and I confessed that I had never had a pedicure? Well, here’s another confession: I haven’t had one since the wedding. Almost three years ago. It’s not that I don’t want to. I mean, I’ve had manicures, I just never think to get a pedicure. I always think I can spend the money better elsewhere, especially since I’m not all that kind to my feet. Case in point: I broke in those super cute skimmers I got on sale by taking a long walk with Michael and Owen. By the time we got home, my heels and baby toes were blistered and I spent the next two days popping them (ew) and applying antibacterial ointment.

Once they heal, they will callous over and I’ll be able to wear the shoes comfortably as they break in even more. After they callous over, my feet will actually look worse than they do now. But here’s the thing: I’m a shoe person (like you didn’t know.) And since I’m not talking sneakers here, that usually means some pain for beauty. I guess I’d rather have ugly feet if I can wear the pretty shoes (virtually) pain free.

And I nuts? Should I just get the stupid pedicure?

– My kid is backwards. He sat unassisted way before he rolled over. He pulled up and started cruising along the furniture before he crawled. And in the two days since he officially started crawling (no longer army-crawling, but hands-and-knees for real crawling), I am shocked to see how fast he’s progressing. He’s thisclose to just taking off and walking. I spend my day now chasing him around the house, trying not to impede his progress, but also trying to keep him from a face-meets-table situtation. Forget putting him down and watching him play with his toys. That ship has SAILED. No, no. Now we’re on the move and that’s all he wants to do. Today he’s been PISSED OFF and me all day too. Like, all day. Screeching, flailing. I don’t know what’s up with him, but I am praying that he takes one of those rare two-hour naps because whoa, could he use it. Well, let’s be honest. I could really use it.

Who says an 11-month old can’t make a mess? Not pictured: the huge pile of books he dragged off the shelf.

– So, I never got around to those budget posts. Gah, I’m all talk, aren’t I? I just…I don’t know. I didn’t do well the first month. If you’re really, really interested I can write one out for you. But in brief: Yesterday I tallied up my grocery bill for two weeks and spent less than $140! With my goal of $400/month on groceries, this is awesome. I’m super proud of myself. The biggest change to my pre-budget shopping habit was making a meal plan for the week.

I start with looking in the freezer to see which proteins I have and then go from there filling in the blanks. Sticking to not only a grocery list, but a specific meal list really cut down on unneccessary spending and buying of things I already had but didn’t remember I did. I used a few coupons here and there, but nothing significant. And all this was achieved while still buying fresh produce and meats and some organic items (specifically milk and apple juice, which tend to be pricey), and without skimping on treats. (Michael is a cookie guy and always likes them on hand. I bought a pint of ice cream that I am embarrassed to say did not last me more than three days. Oops!)

Also, I paid in cash. I had my debit card on me in case, but I had $200 for two weeks with me and I think knowing I had a tangible amount in my hand to work with made me really prioritize. Once I really master this, I’d like to tackle some other areas of spending in our lives and see if I can get those down too.

– Are there any good shows starting up this summer? I’m at a loss now that my usuals had their finales…