My 10-year high school reunion is coming up. TEN YEARS. This makes me feel really old. A Facebook group has been created and the day after Thanksgiving, I’ll find myself surrounded by the same people who saw me through my spaghetti-strap tank top phase (it lasted a few years), homecoming dances, awful physics classes, soccer games, house parties…you name it.

I was friends with lots of different people from different groups in high school. I had my core group, but seemed to mesh well with whoever. Over time though, I really only stayed close with one person from high school. Close in the sense that we talk on the phone, she was in my wedding, etc. The rest of those people? We’re friends. On Facebook.

What is a high school reunion like in the age of Facebook? On one hand, we already know pretty much what everyone is doing. Where they live, if they got married, had kids, traveled. We “stalk” each other daily through status updates and photo albums. We even talk to each other, even if we didn’t really talk while in school.

Because of Facebook, I’ve actually become really friendly with a group of women who while we talked occasionally in school or ended up at the same events, I wouldn’t have considered them part of my circle. Now, we’re all new moms and have been emailing, commenting on photos and even planned a get together. I’m really excited to see these girls.

On the other hand, when we walk into that room, is it going to be weird? Awesome? Somewhere in between? My graduating class had over 500 people in it. I remember sitting at graduation and hearing names I had never heard before in the past four years. Will this event be the same?

I wonder if people have changed. If the people you avoided for whatever reason have grown up, grown out of it. And am I still the person they thought I was…whatever that is? Will the boys I once flirted with be there? The girls I once rolled my eyes at? Will my high school boyfriend be there and will I introduce him to my husband? Will that be totally awkward, or surprisingly normal?

Reunions are weird. High school seems so long ago; a time you look back on, but have moved away from. I’m curious if putting all these people back in a room together will transport us back, or form into something new.

I’m both excited and apprehensive to attend. And obviously need to find something fabulous to wear, even though it will most likely be shrouded by same lame “My name is…” sticker sporting my maiden name.

Did you/are you attending your high school reunion?