Is anyone still reading this? I’m only asking because a) I hardly ever get around to posting and b) when I do, not a lot of people comment. I’m not asking as a ploy for comments, I’m just asking because I’d like to keep writing AND I’d like you to keep reading. Only, I want to write a little differently.

Sometimes I go on these extended blog hiatuses because I’m super busy, or because I don’t really feel like I have anything to write about, or because I have a ton to write about, but can’t share it yet. (This is not the case this time. No bun in the oven!)

This past break has been because of reasons one and two. We are neck-deep in the process of selling our house. I’ve always heard it was stressful, but never realized how true that is until I was involved. We’re still in the “pending” part, which means the sale could still fall through any day. If it doesn’t fall through and the sale becomes real (oh please, oh please), then we have to continue the stress of finding another place to live by the closing date on this house. We still won’t know for sure for about another week, but that doesn’t keep me from having anxiety about it.

Reason two is that like in the past, I’m struggling with how to keep the readers I love and cherish, while evolving the blog in tandem with my life. I’ve felt this way before, and suspect I will again as my life continues to change shape. Like, I still love shoes (loooooveΒ shoes), but am buying far less than before because now we have on income and a family to provide for. So writing about all my shoe purchases doesn’t really work. I’m still a 20-something, (albeit, a very-close-to-30-something), but the humorous stories I used to share are now, while still funny to me, centered more about my child, or being a mother.

Things like budgets and recipes now interest me as much as Things That Smell Bad (see: fart post below), and I want to bring these topics all together in a nice These Little Moments package. I realize that motherhood, the state of my boobs, funny things my kid does and how much I spend on food each month might not interest the same readers that arrived while I was planning my wedding, and that’s ok. I get wanting to read blogs that you can relate to.

But my question is, if I start incorporating some more of the Every Day Molly, will you still read? I’ve been wanting to do a Day in the Life series, and after getting some good feedback about in on Twitter, am going to do a What I Wore-type post every now and then about how I (sort of) pull my wardrobe together my mixing affordable pieces with some nicer ones in an attempt to rock the Mom-On-The-Go look.

I don’t want to lose you guys. I want to read and laugh at your comments as I always have. I want to continue to begin email relationships and discover new blogs from the links you leave to your own.

All while telling you about budgets, boobs and babies.

What do you think? Yay, or nay?