Lately I’ve given up typical cute bags in favor of the utilitarian tote bag. It’s just been so much easier to throw everything in there, rather than try and find a bag that fits it all nicely. I have diaper bags — adorable ones — and I can’t stand to use them. They just feel bulky and the pockets don’t fit what I need it to. Instead of boring, I’m going to call it Nautical Monogrammed Chic. So there.

I dumped out the tote just a few minutes ago, so this is an unedited version. It’s actually fairly empty, on closer inspection. No sippy cups, snacks…it’s an ever-changing being.

1. Wallet. Contains vital information, lots of change, some cash and occasionally some outdated coupons which I had the best intentions of using.

2. Random assortment of toiletry-type items. Hair clip, lip gloss, and a just-in-case-I-ever-get-my-period-back tampon, which if my math is correct, is probably two years old since I got pregnant in 2009.

3. Phone. Life source. An addiction I cannot break and therefor cannot be more than two feet from at any moment.

4. Sunglasses. Cheap, from Kohl’s. In desperate need of an upgrade.

5. Assorted small toys for keeping small hands busy. The apple has velcro and attaches easily to shopping carts. The duck is the favored toy. He likes to eat his face.

6. Shoes for Owen. He has wide, fat feet, and I’ve been lazy about getting him real shoes. It’s summer! He spends 98 percent of the time barefoot, but I keep these on me for situations (like the playground) where I’d like his feet to be covered. These soft-soled ones stretch right over his big flappers, and he likes to point to the trucks and say “rmmm! rmmm!”

7. Owen’s sun hat. He’s fair like me so I don’t like to be caught without it.

8. A bib, for impromptu meals out.

9. Scented diaper trash bags in a handy carrying case; a gift from a friend at my baby shower. Have come in super handy for dirty diapers when not near a trash can, wet or stained clothes, banana peels, etc. Also, extra wipes (I have a small diaper/wipe carrier thingy in the car) for cleaning up after eating, wiping hands after shopping, etc. I usually have a few diapers in here too, but I guess I need to restock!

10. Lotions. Hand lotion for me, sunscreen for Owen. With the sunscreen, hat and shoes always on me, we are always able to play outside on a whim. He loves swinging at the playground, walking on the seawall or playing in the grass. I never want to miss out on something like that, so I stay prepared.

So…what’s in your bag?