– Why hasn’t anyone talked about the Terrible Ones? You hear all about the Terrible Twos, but I was not expecting to experience it so soon. Owen is a great kid, but lately he’s been so fresh! I find myself wondering what happened to that squishy little newborn I was just cradling in my arms. Suddenly, I have a toddler with a voice, and opinions, and demands.

Month 13 has been a noteworthy one, because I find him doing something new every day. I turn around for a second, and he’s opened the baby gate and climbed halfway up the stairs. In the flash it takes me to get there, he’s turned around, practically leaning backwards and waving at me. I’m gagging on my heart that has leaped into my throat, and he’s laughing and trying to eat a piece of dog hair he found on the step.

I turn my back to fold a blanket, and he’s discovered how to open the TV menu, and has effectively changed all the color and brightness settings so everyone is Fake Bake orange. He grabs my phone and crawls away at top speed, he opens a cabinet and hurls coffee K-Cups at the dog, he rips magazines and hurls himself backwards yelling “NOOOOO!” if he doesn’t want to do something.

Don’t get me wrong, if you add this all up it’s just a small portion of our day, interspersed between dazzling me with his humor, intelligence and cuteness. (Blowing kisses? I die.) But jeesh, is it A LOT. I guiltily find myself counting the minutes till nap time lately, if only for a chance to sit down for more than 45 seconds.

– I’m attending a black tie wedding in NYC in a month and I have no idea what to wear. Is the “rule” still the same? Floor length dress? I don’t own one, unless you count my wedding dress, and I highly doubt that would be appropriate. I’m hesitant to buy one because a) I don’t really have a lot of opportunities to wear a long formal dress and b) we want to have more children in the near-ish future, so who knows what my body will be like or what size I will be. A dress like this seems like an investment piece, so I want it to fit now and down the road.

I’ve looked into those sites where you can rent a designer dress, and while that seems really fun, it also seems silly to pay that much money to rent one, when I could pay the same amount to own one. Albeit, probably not a designer one, but a nice one none-the-less. What would you do? Or, can I get away with a cocktail length?

– That wedding we went to last weekend? Awesome. I had such a good time catching up with my friends and the brides were simply beautiful.

These girls? My heart.

– There is some news on the house front. I’m hesitant to talk too much about it less I jinx it, but it appears that we will be moving soon. Into a new house! Details to follow. Cross your fingers for us that everything goes smoothly!