This is how I went out in public, just a few minutes ago. Looking good, aren’t I? Green athletic shorts (with paint on them) and a shockingly pink t-shirt from my alma mater supporting a basketball game. I call this look “Zomg, I’m just too tired to care and finding something even remotely cute takes too much energy.”

Plus, I was just going to Starbucks, where I dropped four of my specifically budgeted food dollars (that could be put towards PREPARATIONS FOR THE HURRICANE AHHHH!) on an iced cafe mocha because ugh. I am SO. SO. TIRED. Fellow Sbux patrons are just lucky I managed to include a bra with this outfit.

(And also, apparently my brain is speaking in all CAPS today.)

We’re just really stressed out around here, and while it’s making Michael sprout a few gray hairs, it’s just zapping all the energy I have. The short of it is, we sold our house, (Yay!) and “bought” another one (Yay!), only the last piece of paperwork we need to close the deal on the new house hasn’t been finalized yet for NO REASON and the deadline for it is getting closer and closer. (BOOOOO!) It’s out of our hands, which is actually more frustrating than it being IN our hands because we can’t do a damn thing about it, so we wait. And wait.

The thing is, like I said, our house is sold. Which means come September 14th, we need to be out. With somewhere else to live. And as of today, we don’t know if that place will be our new home, or the trunk of our car. (Ok, yes. I’m being a tad dramatic. We have family and all to stay with. But still.) The unknown is beyond stressful and I’ve been in a bit of denial about actually leaving our current home. Which means…I haven’t packed a damn thing. Not one.

Considering we need to be out in 18 days, I better get on that.


Add all that to the possibility that we could be hit with some major hurricane-like stuff this weekend, all while Michael is working, leaving me alone with Owen and Kodiak (I’m terrified we’ll end up in the basement recreating a scene from The Wizard of Oz), and my stress level has reached epic proportions.

And so, despite how much I sleep, I remain tired.

And therefore, dress gross.

The end.