I’m participating in the October 2011 Photography Challenge hosted by Our Wired Lives. Each day during the month of October, participants are challenged to take a photo. There is a different subject for each day, and they range from easy, to…well, I’m going to have to think about them a little bit before clicking away.

There are more than 90 bloggers participating, and you can still join along if you want to (you just have to catch up!). Participants are encouraged to share their photos either daily, or in groups. I’m going to do three photos at a time so every couple days you can see how I’ve been playing along. No photography skills are required — you can even use you cell phone to take the pictures. It’s just something fun to do!

Day 1 – Self Portrait


Ugh, self portraits are so awkward! There are some ridiculous outtakes from this batch, let me tell you. In the end, I settled on this one, although I still think it’s mega-cheesy.

Day 2 – What you wore today


I’m trying to be honest to the process, so I didn’t get “dressed” for this photo. Actually, when I remembered I had to take it, I felt a little disappointed that I hadn’t put on something cute. This is just so…standard. Skinny jeans, boat-neck striped 3/4 tee. It served me well for running to the grocery store, I suppose.

Day 3 – Clouds

Taken from our deck. I like how the shades of blue changed as you look downwards to the bottom of the photo.

Next batch in a few days! If you’re participating, let me know so I can follow along!