Oh, Pinterest. What did we do without you? A virtual pinboard where I can save everything from paint colors, to living room inspiration, to recipes, hair tutorials and pictures of pretty, pretty wreaths. There are SO MANY WREATHS on Pinterest, have you noticed that? And I never once had a desire to make one until I started seeing them all lined up pretty, taunting me with their DIY-ness.

For the record, I don’t DIY. I mean, I didn’t. Until Pinterest. Because of Pinterest, I decide that my new mantle needed to be autumn-ized and so, I went out in the yard and collected acorns. And sticks. And put them in glass. With pinecones. That are spray painted gold. All next to teeny tiny pumpkins.


So yeah, Pinterest is a total time-suck of wonderfulness and I love it. You can follow me on it here if you’d like.

I started to wonder, though, how much of what I pinned were things I would actually do, versus things I just thought were cool? I mean, how many wreaths can one person make? (Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.) So I decided it was time to actually put my pin where my mouth is (what?) and pick one.

I picked this one: A smoky eye tutorial.

I’ve attempted the smoky eye thing in the past with not much luck, but this made it seem super easy. As pretty as it is, I decided to do a day version, as the pinned version is really more evening and less afternoon at the playground. Mine came out definitely NOT as glam as hers, but for a little mom-glam during the day, I think it worked out well.

Yeah, just ignore the awesomness of these photos. I don’t know how the girl in the tutorial got such great eye pictures on her own. I could not. Where’s the pin for how to do that, hmm?

Anyway, I deem this pin a SUCCESS! I’m definitely going to try a fancier version next time we go out, but for what this is, I’m happy.

Have any of you actually done something you pinned? I think I’m going to make this a semi-regular feature when (if) (no, really. When.) I actually do another pin.