The These Little Moments house is currently under quarantine, as This Little Toddler battles whatever virus he contracted that makes his nose ooze green and his demeanor to go from adorable to grumpapottomus. While we wait for his fever to disappear and our sweet little munchkin to return, I thought I’d share with you some interesting tidbits that have been shared with me lately. The stories are not my own, but these people don’t have a blog to share them on and these stories are definitely worth sharing.

Story One, from my sister:

Last week my sister walked into her kitchen and found a disgusting little cloud of fruit flies near her counter. Grossed out, she went hunting for the source and found a banana that had somehow gotten lost behind some things on her counter. She threw out the offending fruit, sprayed the flies with some cleaner for good measure, and seemed to eliminate the problem.

This past weekend she came to visit us, and when she returned to her apartment on Sunday, she said something felt…off. She turned the corner, walked into the kitchen, and…

…HUNDREDS of fruit flies met her at the door. Clouds and clouds of them in the air, covering every surface of her kitchen. Stunned, she began to open windows and started to clean, all before so much as going to the bathroom after the three-hour drive. She told me she just started to cry as soon as she saw them. They were every. where. And every time she moved they would fly up into the air in a mass before settling somewhere else.

The most frustrating part of it was, she could find no source from which they came. No left out food, no dirty dishes. Just fruit flies by the bucket full. Frantic Googling found her some at-home remedies, but the process is slow and she continues to find them throughout the house, including her bedroom. She is understandably not sleeping well.

She heard from a neighbor that they too have an abundance of fruit flies, so either they laid eggs somewhere near by, or the plague has apparently descended on upstate New York.


Story Two, from my friend A, a massage therapist:

A was massaging a new client recently, and when she got down to her feet, she felt something. Something that shouldn’t be there. She described it to me as a tiny lump underneath the toes where they met the foot. A bunion, a blister, she thought for sure. Being a professional who comes across lumps and bumps of all sorts daily, she ignored it and moved on. Only, when she got to the other foot, she felt the same thing. How odd, she thought.

Later on, the client now lying on her stomach, my friend made her way back down to the feet ready to investigate. And what did she find?

Extra toes! Tucked in all cozy under their brothers and sisters!


Now ok, fine, no big deal. Well, a little bit of a big deal. I asked her, let’s say I was the one with extra toes. Is that something you would like a heads-up about before I got on the table? Her answer was a resounding YES. She doesn’t care if you have four or fourteen toes, she said. Just let her know if some extras are hiding below so she’s not surprised by them. Even more uncomfortable than telling her about them, she said, would be if she inadvertently gasped or something because she didn’t know they were there.

This reminded her of the time she was massaging a guy with long hair, when suddenly her finger slipped into…something. An abyss.


You guys, I’m sorry. The thought of my finger just slipping INTO SOMEONE’S HEAD is enough to give me the willies.

So just as a courtesy, if you’re getting a massage and don’t have an ear, please tell your masseuse.

Thank you and goodnight.