– This. At Starbucks.

No. No, no, no, no, NO. All of it NO. Shiny leggings not technically as pants because the shirt did cover her butt, however it was cut really high on the sides. So, leggings as pseud0-pants. Still a NO in my book.

And then. The shoes. The gold…what are those? Sandals? Loafters? Sloafers. Landals.

One of you is going to comment that you own that very outfit, aren’t you? And you are going to unfollow me because I am mean about your shoes.

Well, your Sloafers are ugly. They look like cheese graters from space.


– Now that our living room isn’t the size of a postage stamp, we finally got with the times and upgraded to a flat screen TV. Do you know what that means? Elmo is now LIFE SIZE. I’m pretty sure Owen’s mind was sufficiently blown this morning.

Gahhh creepy blurry Elmo! (Also, the dog bed? Apparently is also Owen’s lounge chair.)

– I’m having company soon and my kitchen really needs to be cleaned. At yet…I’m blogging instead. Anyone want to come clean it for me? I can offer you some leftover chicken and dumplings and some slightly snot-covered toddler kisses. I mean, how could you turn that down?

Happy weekend!