– The vlog went over pretty well and some of you have asked that I make it a regular thing, so…ok. Only, I have no idea what to talk about vs. write about. Which means you guys get to pick what I talk about. Comment with whatever topic you’d like to hear me yammer about and I’ll do it next week!

– I thought when kids start walking there’s some sort of transition. Like, they wobble along for awhile getting their footing. No one told me that within a few weeks your kid might go from taking his first steps to running full speed through Lowe’s. So, that’s interesting.

– Speaking of Lowe’s, the one near us is closing and they are having a mega-sale, plus we had a coupon we got from the post office when we changed our address. We decided now would be a good time to replace the old coil-top stove that came with the house because I curse it daily and really wanted to go back to a gas range like we had before. As we started looking around, we discovered that with the sale and our coupon combined, the savings were ridiculous. Like, once in a blue moon ridiculous, and we would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to replace the appliances.

All…the appliances. While it certainly wasn’t in our immediate plans (or budget…eek), we did want to do it eventually and see it as a long-term investment. So we will install the new appliances in the coming weeks and it will give me some good blogging material as we slooooowly update the kitchen. You know you want to see pictures of the baby-pink countertops, don’t you?

– Michael and I went away last weekend for our anniversary. It was the first time we left Owen overnight. I know that seems a little crazy since he’s 16-months old, but really, we’ve wanted to bring him to most of the places we’ve been to since he was born. And early on, he was nursing so often that it would have been more of a hassle to leave him behind.

My mom and sister came for the weekend to watch him and I was a little apprehensive. Not about leaving him, but about him giving them a hard time at sleep time. He was so set in his routine — nurse before nap and bed — that I feared me not being there would turn him into a screaming banshee.

He went to sleep every time without a peep. Not even a fuss. Just, lay down. Went to sleep.


When we got back, I fully expected him to dive right down my shirt, but he didn’t ask to nurse at all. So I didn’t offer. And then he didn’t ask at night. Or the next day. And then at one point he came up to me, pointed at my chest laughing and said, “Noooo”, then walked away. And that was that. He officially weaned himself.

In terms of weaning, I’m glad it went down this way. I think I was really nursing more for me at this point than for him, mostly because it was such an easy way to wind him down to sleep. After he nursed, I’d just pop him in the crib and he’d go to sleep. I was reluctant to let that go. But clearly, he was ready to be done, and it was pain-free (at least for him. I had a couple days of engorgement where my boobs were all, hey! What happened? Why isn’t there a little monkey pawing at us?).

Sleep time has changed a little bit now. When I bring him to bed, he cries and doesn’t want to lie right now. It takes a little more time and a lot more back rubbing. But Michael has taken over a lot of the sleep time now and he goes down much faster for him than he does for me. I’m sure this is just a transition and soon enough he’ll go to sleep without a peep. I hope.

I was sad to see our breastfeeding relationship end, but I think we had a great run. And since there was no way I could have known that our last session was THE last, it’s not like I was mourning it all weekend.

I just hope the girls don’t deflate into pancakes now. That would really be a shame.