Know what I haven’t talked about in a while? Poop. So let’s do that today.

You’re welcome.

Moms with toddlers, can I just ask you, how many times a day does your kid poop? Because lately it seems like that’s all Owen does. Yesterday he had six — SIX — sizeable poops (or poopahs, as he calls them) between 6 a.m. and noon. That’s like, one an hour! He’s not sick or anything, they’re your run-of-the-mill standard poops, but for the life of me I cannot understand where it’s all coming from.

We’re on poopah #3 right now and it’s 10:20 a.m.

I’m thinking maybe it’s because he’s becoming a typical boy and wants to eat all.the.time. Maybe? At least he’s a happy pooper. After he’s done if you ask if he needs a diaper he will announce “poopaaaah!” and either run to his changing table, or lie down on the floor to be changed. Sometimes he runs away laughing, but most of the time he’s ready to get rid of the mess.

But still. So many poops. So weird.

Let’s get back to that eating thing. A friend of mine has three young boys and her oldest, just five years old, already eats a massive breakfast every day. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for her when they are all in high school. As it stands, I can’t keep milk and bananas in the house because Owen plows through them and he’s only 16 months old. Is he (and all the friends he invites over) going to eat me out of house and home daily? Do boys really eat as much as I think they do?

Owen eats all the time. Fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, GOLDFISH CRACKERS. I swear, he would live on Goldfish and milk alone if I let him. I don’t, promise. Prehaps they are the cause of all the pooping? He doesn’t use the word “eat” yet, instead he smacks his lips together when he’s hungry and walks over to his high chair. He does this probably twice between breakfast and lunch, where as I’m lucky if I remember to eat breakfast most days. And as soon as you begin to eat something, he’s in your face asking for “more mease (please)” and must have a bite of whatever you’re eating. And then another bite. This kid is a bottomless pit.

I guess he’s just a growing boy? He’s long and lean (except for those cheeks) and I guess he’s burning a lot of calories running around the house. But still. The food.

And all the poops.

My goodness.