Hiiiii. Long time, no blog. How is everyone?

– Have you come out of your turkey coma yet? After three straight days of Thanksgiving deliciousness, I thought I couldn’t eat one more bite, and then this morning my mother-in-law gave me a gallon Ziplock bag of turkey and a giant Tupperware full of sides. You guys…I can’t. No more leftfovers! The sides, I don’t know, I guess I’m going to have to eat them. I’ll probably give the bulk of it to Bottomless Pit Owen, as he eats just about everything. As for the turkey, I’m going to turn it into soup, then freeze it until I can stand to look at poutlry again.

– In a box of hand-me-down toys, we found a set of plastic animals that Owen just loves. There’s one for each letter of the alphabet, and I’m astounded at how quickly he’s picked up their names. “Ippo” (Hippo) and “Addadada” (Alligator) are my personal favorites. Only, we’re having a little trouble with the letter ‘U’. Because….well, I have no idea what this animal is. I keep calling it a ram, but the big letter ‘U’ emblazoned on its haunches tells me I am WRONG.

So, uh, internets? What is this?

– Spotted at the grocery store: the “holiday line” of seltzer.

Flavors include eggnog, candy cane, granny smith apple, and pumpkin.

Eggnog seltzer? For some reason the idea of this makes me gag. On it’s own, eggnog teeters that line between being delicious and revolting, so now you want to go add bubbles to it? Meh. But what do I know, maybe it’s delicious! Or, actually just disgusting.

– I’m serious about that animial. First person to figure out what it is wins a bottle of eggnog seltzer.