• I woke up feeling awful today. Headache, nausea, some dry heaving in between shooing Owen out of the bathroom. (I don’t like him to see me get sick.) While the stay-at-home-mom job is great, it doesn’t come with sick days, and Michael couldn’t stay home today leaving me in a suck it up situation. Luckily, a teeny bit of caffeine helped with the headache and after the dry heaving subsided, a egg and cheese bagel seemed to do the trick. I’m still not feeling 100% but I’m glad I’m back with the living and able to pay attention when Owen runs off down the hallway with a bag of cheese he stole from the fridge.
  • Baby is kicking now. I’m actually looking forward to them becoming strong and jabby. Of course, I say that now. Check back with me when s/he’s got a foot stuck under my ribs.
  • In keeping with my Pinterest challenge, I made homemade bagels the other day and they are YUM. They were smaller than I expected so I’ve been using them for sandwiches. I’ll definitely be making them again. The only downside to making homemade bagels is that then you have them in the house. I suppose I could have frozen some of them. But I didn’t…so I eat them. YUM.
  • I also made healthy sweet potato skins…which Michael and I didn’t like. At all. Turns out Owen LOVES them, though, so he’s been eating them up. I’ll make them for him in the future and omit the cream cheese and sour cream (which I didn’t use the first time) from the recipe, leaving him with a really healthy side that he seems to enjoy. So while it was a fail on one end, it was a win on the other.
  • Pregnancy is amazingly kind to my hair and ridiculously mean to my skin.
  • Crazy dog is gone!!!
  • I’m ready to figure out a color and paint my living room. Has anyone painted while pregnant? Does it HAVE to be low-VOC paint? A designer friend told me most paints are actually better than they used to be now. Will I be fine with just proper ventilation and breaks if I need it?
  • Jessica Alba is on Sesame Street teaching the word “scrumptious”. She’s saying it all sexy-like. This just seems wrong.