Looks like I gave some people the impression that my kid is a tyrant all the time. Eh, he’s not. (FURIOUSLY BACKPEDALING!!!!) We just had a really hard week is all. He’s back to sleeping and being (mostly) tantrum-free, so my sanity has returned. And to answer the comment wondering why we wanted kids so close together: because kids are awesome and if we get another just half as awesome as Owen is, we’re pretty damn lucky. This journey has bumps and hurdles, but once you cross them, the joy is overpowering.

End sap.

I had my monthly appointment today and the waiting room was super busy because they were working on a new system and were backlogged. This gave me the opportunity to do some people watching and it was GOOD today. There was a couple dressed entirely alike — I mean, head to toe — matching New Balance sneakers and all. There was the frighteningly young couple who looked nervous to be there and first-time parents with their itty-bitty newborn. (Baby toes! NOM, NOM, NOM.)

And then there was the woman wearing jean capris with Ugg boots.

Now, look. I don’t claim to be a fashionista in the slightest. I wear a variation of the same shirt, cardigan, jeans-ensemble pretty often. (See example below.) But this combination was so…off. There was something so glaringly wrong about it that I could not stop staring. It was like this:


…only…not. Because she was wearing baggy jean capris and I don’t know. It was not good.

Again, I shouldn’t judge, because I’m wearing my basic uniform today and if you looked in my closet you’d find FAR too many striped shirts, so maybe I should take a lesson from that woman and change it up a bit, embrace my inner adventurer.

Almost 18 weeks

Maybe maternity jeans and a crop top? Thoughts?