I’ve been itching to tell you guys the results of the ultrasound for over an hour now, but my mom hadn’t called me back yet. And you can’t go telling the internet the sex of your baby until you tell your mom. It’s written in stone somewhere.

But! She did call! And now that our family knows I am so excited to tell you that This Little Baby #2 is a…


I am over the moon. I thought there might be an initial hint of disappointment if it turned out to be another boy, but there is none. Not even a drop. I am psyched to be a boy-mom, to have to little truck-loving monkeys running around the house and filling it with love. Being a mom to Owen has been the best thing I could ever have hoped for, and to have another boy coming to join us just feels so very right.

We can’t wait to meet you, little boy. But oh, are we screwed on names. We have none! (Yet.)