– I think I’ve reached the point in Owen’s life that my archives will one day come back to haunt him. Like, I can’t believe you told the Internet that, mom, haunt him. Because I have to tell you the weirdest thing I love about this kid.

Every time I vacuum, he poops.

It’s some weird Pavlovian response, I guess. Michael says he’s just cleaning house at the same time I am. But you guys, it is SO weird. Slash totally hilarious. Unless he’s gone right before I start to vacuum, by the time I’ve finished with the bedrooms, it’s almost 99% guaranteed that he has gone number 2 and is ready to be changed. I told my sister this when she was visiting, and had she not witnessed it first hand, I don’t think she would have believed me. But, Owen did not disappoint.

Aside from being the funniest weirdo thing he does, it’s actually really convenient. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t gone since  yesterday and I have errands to run this morning, so…I think after I wrap this up it will be time to break out the Kenmore and get to work.

(Dear future Owen: I’m sorry, I had to share this story. I’m sure you’re not still pooping every time someone vacuums. Or…maybe you are. In which case, you’ll have to explain to me the logistics of it, because I am so curious!)


– We haven’t gotten very far with names for TLB #2. The short list isn’t getting any longer, or any shorter, and it seems as though we’ve just stepped away from it for awhile. Unfortunately, one name we both have always liked rhymes with our last name, and I just won’t do that to my kid. Growing up is hard enough without having to be a Julia Gulia. I have a favorite out of the bunch, though, and while Michael hasn’t committed to it, he hasn’t rejected it either. So, we’ll see. I just hope it doesn’t come down to the wire. I’d hate to leave the hospital with him being named ‘Boy’.


– Owen has taken to pulling up my shirt and saying, “Hi, brother!”, which is super sweet. He also responds “Baby” when we ask him what we should name him (one step up from ‘Boy’, no?) and most recently asked me to open my stomach. When I told him I couldn’t open it, he patted it and asked me again. “Pease, mama, open!” Again, I told him that my belly didn’t open, and that Brother was inside growing big and strong.

Then he asked me for some cereal and walked away. That’s pretty much the extent of his interest in his sibling.