I’m behind again in my photos of the day. I had planned on doing another round up post today, but yesterday Owen woke up from a FOUR HOUR nap with a 104 degree fever.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling on the couch and watching some Thomas the Tank Engine, his hot little body burning into my skin. After I put him to bed, he woke an hour later sweaty and screaming, so we repeated the whole process until he fell asleep on my chest. I felt sad for him and helpless, even though I knew my arms were the best thing I could offer him.

Today the fever is down to 102, but he’s still a malfunctioning little furnace, playing one minute and sobbing the next. And he won’t eat! Anything! Luckily he is drinking, but I can’t convince him to take a bite of one little thing.

Last night he ate applesauce for dinner, so aside from that he’s had no solids since about 6 p.m. If he gets worse I’d like to give him some medicine, but I’m nervous about doing that on any empty stomach. Suggestions welcome!

It’s so sad watching your baby feel sick, but it’s also hard not to get frustrated when nothing seems to work. I hope whatever he is fighting passes soon and we can all go back to normal. Until then, wish us luck!