– March Photo Challenge? What’s that? Ughh. I will try to catch up this weekend. FAIL. Again!

– Owen is well again. Three days of a fever and tons of sleeping and he seems to have kicked whatever bug he had. Yesterday’s normal hour and a half nap confused me after days of four hour ones!

– I think I am most productive between the hours of 4-5 p.m., and only in the kitchen. Yesterday I unpacked groceries, made  homemade turkey nuggets for Owen, chopped and froze fruit for smoothies, started dinner and unloaded the dishwasher. If only I could stay that efficient all day long.

– It’s date night with another couple tonight. What should I wear?

– Not this, it’s too casual:


23 weeks, y’all. Just the right size for balancing a pint of ice cream on my belly.

– Which I did, last night, as I polished off the ‘Everything but the…’ Ben & Jerry’s. There’s a reason I never buy it…I can’t NOT eat it. Why did no one ever tell me about Heath Bars before? WHY??? (Nom).

– I got bit by a tick yesterday. While not unusual in the slightest (it is New England, after all), it had attached on my belly and that just freaked me out.

My initial reaction was GAH and GROSS and MY BAAAABY, but then I got over it, pulled it off and cleaned the bite. I’ll check in with my OB today, but I think it will be fine. I’ve had Lyme before, though, and definitely don’t want it again, especially pregnant.

– It’s been nearly 70 degrees every day this week. In MARCH. If it snows next month I will die, just die.

– There’s a foot under my rib. Time to get off the couch. Happy weekend!