– I’m starting to feel the urge to nest. Our house has remained basically non-decorated since we moved in September and it’s time to remedy that. There’s so much I want to do and get, but all those things cost money, so one thing at a time. Starting with narrowing down color choices for Owen’s big boy room and the living room.

– Big Boy Room, you guys. We’ve already moved on to the Big Boy Seat at the table, and he now says the high chair (which I’ve yet to put away) is the “baby chair”. He’s also started to wake up in the morning and call, “Out crib, Mama! Ouuut!” soooo, yeah. It’s time to get him into a bed. My goal is May 1st to have the room done.

– A few days ago I was running around trying to get us out of the house, when he clapped his hands together and said, “chop, chop, Mama!” Chop, chop??? Where did he learn that?

– I was on a mega search for flattering maxi dress to wear as the weather got warmer, but I was having the hardest time finding one. Maternity or not, they all made me look like a circus tent unless I held my hand under my stomach. Not practical, eh? I ended up finding one at Marshalls for $20 (win!) that I think looks pretty good. My lovelies Twitter friends told me I could rock it, so I will choose to believe them!


(That green tile? House project #563.)

– Michael and I marked a decade together yesterday. Ten years! It’s been a really good stretch, I’d say.

– Now that Instagram is available for Android, I jumped on the sepia-toned bandwagon. (Username Tlmoments) I’ll probably post some here each week because then I won’t guilt myself so badly about not posting anything of substance for days on end. Here’s a sampling:

Easter time means Cadbury mini eggs. The one-pound bag.


Prenatal yoga.


Owen insists all his friends watch Sesame Street together while cozying.


The view from above. Almost can’t see my feet anymore.


Someone found some panty liners.


Happy weekend, all. Next week I promises something more interesting. Like the state of second time around pregnancy boobs. You’re hooked now, aren’t you??