Well, not just this week, actually. I haven’t done one of these in a while.

I’ve told you that we do a lot of baking around here, right? Usually Owen plays while I do it, but lately he’s been so eager to help do everything, that I figured he could help bake too. Here he is “bake ‘tookies’ for Dada”, which is all sorts of sweet. This photo also gives you a nice view of the next house project — elimination of pink Formica counter tops and the addition of pulls to the flat drawers/cabinets. We have long-term (VERY long-term) plans for an entire kitchen redo, but with the new appliances we purchased when we bought the house, a new counter top will carry us through until then.


I’ve reached the I-Can’t-See-My-Feet stage of this pregnancy, which also means I can’t see the underside of my belly. This makes for an almost-daily discovery of stains or crumbs on the bottom of my shirt, but I wasn’t expecting to look in the mirror one morning and find half of a Spiderman sticker beneath the bump. Gee, I wonder who stuck it there…


Except for some artwork, Owen’s big boy room is complete. We painted last week and moved everything in. The transition from crib to bed hasn’t been awful, but it hasn’t been completely smooth either. We talked up the bed and room for WEEKS so he was super excited when it was all ready for him. That night he went right to sleep in it, but woke twice crying. I think he must have forgotten where he was. Afterwards he slept until 7:30, though, so that was good.

Yesterday was the first nap in there, and it was a TOTAL FAIL. He kept climbing out, opening the door and coming to find me while crying. I would walk him back in, tuck him in and tell him it was nap time in the big boy bed, but it didn’t work. I think I walked him back around six times over the course of an hour before he melted down in the living room. He immediately fell asleep on my shoulder when I picked him up, so I guess we will try again today.

Night two in the bed was easy again, with him waking only once and just needing me to tuck him back in. Of course he was opening the doors and running into our bed at 6 a.m., but at least he slept.

I’m hoping that just like every sleep transition, this will just get better with time, reinforcement and familiarity with the room and routine. I HOPE.


The last few days have been great temperature-wise, but on the really hot days my hands have started swelling up to the point that my rings are leaving deep grooves in my fingers. Last week it hurt, but I didn’t want to go ringless, so I took the opportunity to wear my grandmother’s wedding band instead. She had bigger fingers than I do, so I never get the opportunity to wear it. It was nice to take it out! The design goes all the way around and is pretty and unique. I believe it’s from the 40s.


After the fall from doom, I was surprised that Owen had no trouble getting right back on the horse tractor. He was happily driving around on it that very night. He gets on it daily and “goes to Grandma’s house to eat”, or, you know, sits on it to eat right there. What, that’s not where you eat bananas?

The mismatched pajamas are the result of a diaper that leaked, but can I tell you something in hushed tones? He’s started potty training. We are nowhere near it being a regular thing, but he’s started to wake up dry (and then pee in the potty) and has gone both 1 and 2 in it multiple times. I don’t expect him to be fully trained before the baby comes or anything, but it’s a nice thought that he could be done by summer’s end.


Speaking of the baby…he’s due to arrive a month from Friday. Four weeks. 30 days. I’ve started to get his room ready now that Owen has moved. I started yesterday by washing all the newborn and 0-3 clothes and putting them away. I couldn’t help by hold up onesie after tiny onesie and marvel in the fact that Owen once fit in them, and that in no time another tiny boy will. In a week and a half I will be considered full term so really, any time after that, little one.

I’m feeling much more comfortable this time around than I did with Owen, but “more comfortable” doesn’t equal “comfortable”, and as the Braxton Hicks come seemingly all day long, the somersaults turn into more deliberate and frequent jabs and the punches to my cervix make me grit my teeth, I can’t help but wish he would come sooner rather than later.

Owen asks us daily if baby brother is coming today. I can’t wait to tell him yes!