Looks like I’ll probably be posting that 40-week belly picture after all. Oh, this stubborn little boy.

Yes – my due date is still two days away. He’s not late by any means. He’s just not here here yet and we want him to be.

I had an ultrasound today to do a fluid and measurement check. They guessed him to be about 7 lbs 10 oz, give or take a pound, which means he will DEFINITELY be in the eight-pound range like Owen was. At least he hasn’t spent this extra time getting massive, unlike his mother, who is a HOUSE and weighs more than I did last time around.

But even in 2D, oh…was he cute. SO cute. I wanted to nom on those full little lips and kiss those kicky toes. Oh, baby. Please come out and play.

Even though it’s Friday the 13th. You’d be such a good omen on a day filled with “doom”.