Victory: An “easy” labor, delivery and recovery.

Defeat: Postpartum acne, what’s up?

Victory: A baby who unlike his brother, gave us good 3-4 hour sleep stretches from the beginning and is soothed by the pacifier, Moby wrap, car and occasionally the swing.

Defeat: A baby who — just like his brother — decided the hell with that this week and would rather be held exclusively, nurse constantly, cry a lot and only sleep at night if he’s latched onto my boob, wedged between me and Michael in bed. Oh, heeey, growth spurt.

Victory: Having Michael home another week.

Defeat: Still not managing to shower until 11 despite having him home. I fear for my personal hygiene starting Monday.

Victory: Seeing how well Owen has taken to being a big brother. “Love you, baby Ryan!”, kisses, hugs. My heart runneth over.

Defeat: Often failing at the logistical balance of having both a toddler and a newborn. I did manage to bathe them both back-to-back today. At least their hygiene is safe. But I have learned that often the toddler has to wait, and the baby just has to cry for a minute. Fodder for their tell-all, I’m sure.

Victory: Grocery shopping with both boys by myself.

Defeat: We may have food, but don’t ask about clean laundry. Or a vacuumed floor.

Victory: I managed to paint my nails while Owen was in the tub and Ryan was in the bouncy seat. A small luxury when I’m feeling post-baby dumpy.

Defeat: I’m in that in between clothes place where maternity is too big (and I can’t stand to look at it anymore), but my regular clothes are too short/tight/won’t pull up past my expanded hips — and when, oh, when, did those go back to normal last time? I can’t remember. Also, one of my nails already chipped.

Yes, that’s a lot of whining. But there’s also a lot of good. My god, two children! I feel like it’s been forever and just a second long at the same time. I typed the whole first half of this post with one hand while nursing Ryan, but then managed to get both children down for naps in their respective beds and for the very brief moment, am typing with BOTH HANDS. Go me! Also, don’t get me wrong. Michael has been helping me out a LOT. I’m nervous about mornings without him next week!

I have so much I want to tell you — about Ryan’s birth, and Owen. About wrapping my head around being a mother to not one, but two delicious little boys. But first I need a nap. Because until Ryan figures out that his four-hour stretch of sleep should stop happening in the middle of the day and instead go from about midnight to 4 a.m., I’m going to continue to be one tired mama.

But first I’m going to go fix my nail. Priorities.