Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary. We celebrated the weekend before by returning to where we honeymooned in New Hampshire. It’s become tradition. We return every year and with each passing year a new event seems to follow us.

Our first anniversary was just a week after finding out I was pregnant with Owen. Our second we had baby in tow. Our third was five weeks after moving into our new home. We traveled solo leaving Owen with family, and unbeknownst to us, we left with a little souvenir who we brought with us in tow just this past weekend. We’ve managed to squeeze a lot into four years.


The drive to NH. Can’t beat New England in the fall.


The view from our room. See why we keep going back?!

I’m pretty stinking in love with Michael and this little life we’ve built together.

Scott Zuehlke Photography

P.s. Next year we are going away with NO children for TWO WHOLE DAYS. Is it next year yet? (Just kidding.) (Mostly.)