If you’ve been reading a while you probably have read a few posts by my friend Sara. Mama to two of the cutest boys I’ve ever seen with the biggest blue eyes imaginable, she’s back today sharing one of her favorite Little Moments.


Some days are hard days. They did not sleep, they would not nap and their “listening ears” are clearly on the fritz.

Some days are frustrating days. You are sleep training or potty training or “mama’s computer is not a toy” training.

Some days you can’t find a sitter, or a sneaker, or the calm person you once were.

Some days you miss an appointment, miss a flight, or miss your husband.

Then there is this day. The day you go to get your three-year old from his nap and he beams proudly, “Mama, I got you some flowers.”


My dear sweet child…these are the days.