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If you don’t follow me on my other various forms of social media, you probably don’t know I’m pregnant again. So, surprise! I’m…21 weeks pregnant. With another boy. I feel as though I have failed you as a blogger in withholding this knowledge so long. My apologies! Here, I’ll summarize for you:

– thought I wasn’t pregnant. Peed on a stick to rule it out because I was meeting friends for drinks. Forgot about the test for 20 minutes. Went to throw out what was obviously a negative test…only it was positive.

– begin to show immediately. By the third pregnancy my abs just gave up.

– start to vomit on a multi-times-a-day basis for nearly three months. That was fun!

– finally start to feel better around December.

– find out we are having another boy, which shocks most people except me. I knew it! Owen cried when we told him because he wanted a girl to create his own version of The Fresh Beat Band, which has two boys and two girls. He sobs we already HAVE two boys. Explain the idea of an all-boy band and he converts to Team Blue. Ryan couldn’t care less, but likes to pat my belly and say, “baby!”

That pretty much brings us to now. Baby boy is kicking and squirming, landing some good punches right to my bladder. He has no name yet, but this time I feel little urgency about it. Can’t leave the hospital without one, so he will be named eventually.

I am overjoyed and totally unprepared for the reality of three children, but come early June that will be our reality!

Sorry for holding out on you, friends. Still love you!


(Last week at 20 weeks. Complete with raging sinus infection and Breathe Right strip. Keeping it real, folks.)

You guys are funny with the photo requests. Belly at 33 weeks looked pretty much like it does today and 34 weeks and 1 day. (Although, at my appointment yesterday they said I was 34 weeks and 3 days. So who really knows. I’m sure those extra three days make a HUGE difference, right? Ha.)

Look out, it might eat you:

Belly button evacuation: Complete.

I’m probably jinxing myself now, but as of this moment, I still don’t have the linea nigra — the line that runs down your belly. I keep wondering if it’s going to show up and make Michael look underneath the belly button (where I cannot see for the life of me anymore) to see if  it’s starting.

This week I’m also smiling, because little boy has begun to amass his shoe collection. What a proud mama I am!

From my friend MB, wee little boat shoes for a New England baby:


From friend Johanna, creator of Kaya’s Kloset (run…RUN…and buy some of her handmade soft-soled baby shoes. SO CUTE.):


And most recently, from Clink, baby Chuck Taylors:


Sure, they all might be impractical for a while, but you can’t beat the cuteness!

Happy weekend!

I think for the next six months or so, Smile Friday will be Belly Friday, because I think it’s something to smile about!

The first picture is the from October 19, the day I found out I was pregnant. The quality is terrible and I’m not in my normal “photo spot” because I was just TOO DAMN EXCITED to worry about photos. Ironically, I thought I looked bloated that day. HA.

The second photo is from yesterday, exactly 12 weeks pregnant.

Internet, meet my beer, er, baby gut.

This week was the first week Michael started to notice the difference, so I won’t bother with photos from week 7  (when I started with weekly photos) through 11. They all look fairly similar to each other.

I’d also like to mention that Morning Belly and Evening Belly are two very different bellies. It has something to do with, you know, eating all day and your bowels (ick), but Evening Belly is a lot more noticable. Which is making dressing for a Christmas party this weekend…interesting. I’ll be sure to take some pictures of which outfit wins.

Unfortunately, it won’t include those very stretchy and forgiving yoga pants pictured above.

Happy weekend!

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