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When we moved into the new house, my mom came to visit and with her, she brought some random odds and ends. One thing she brought with her was a set of new clothes hangers. At first, I thought it was just another item that she was trying to get rid of so she brought it to us, but when she started raving about them I learned that she had bought them specifically for me, because she loved them so.

I promptly put them in my closet and forgot all about them until yesterday.

You guys, these hangers? ARE AWESOME. They are thinner than your standard hanger so your clothes lie flatter and closer together in the closet (great for maximizing space), and they have a velvet covering that actually keep your clothes on the hanger. This is one of the reasons I swear my closet always gets messy; the clothes fall off and end up on the floor of the closet. So annoying! But, no more!

These aren’t the exact hangers she bought me (I couldn’t find them online, as it appears they are distributed though a wholesale business), but these are pretty much identical. You can buy them HERE. But, my mom found them at Homegoods and again at Marshalls, so I bet you could find them (cheaper!) there.


My dear friend Megan recently became a stay-at-home-mom, but in her spare time has been working with Hurraw!, a lip balm company. She was raving about them, and then because she’s so sweet, she sent me some as a gift. I love them!

Hurraw! has a great philosophy: “All natural, vegan, raw premium fair-trade ingredients, super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long-lasting, no melting in a back  jean pocket.” Hurraw! Learn all about them HERE.

From my limited time using them, I would say they are right on the money with their claims. And with 18 varieties to choose from, there is one for every taste. Megan, knowing me so well, included the Chai Spice and it is FABULOUS, and I also really enjoy the lightly tinted Black Cherry. Most balms cost $3.79, which is a great deal. If you were a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker fan back in the day, you will love these – because they are worlds better both in ingredients and taste, while still being whimsical.


The Women’s Perfect V-Neck Tee from Old Navy is just that — perfect! Lightweight, flattering, and just the right amount of stretch: not so much that it sticks to things you’d rather it didn’t, but not too little that it flops around on you. Currently available in seven neutral color, it’s a great basic to have in your wardrobe. Paired with skinny jeans, a cardigan and ballet flats and you have a perfectly easy on-the-go outfit. I just bought two the other day, but at only $8.50 a pop, I might go back for more.


And that’s what I’m loving right now!


Freshly made cookies during a bar crawl in a city by the sea.


Doesn’t really fit in with the Challenge, but they smelled far to incredible to pass up.

Happy weekend!

During the wedding planning process I was fortunate enough to cross paths with some excellent vendors. Most of them I sought out myself, but one very important one came to me.

I was contacted by Canditto to see if I would be interested in their photo-sharing kiosk at my wedding. Intrigued, I asked for more details.

Here’s the scoop: Canditto is an unobtrusive small kiosk that looks similar to the photo machines at your local CVS. Guests simply insert their memory card and all photos they took in the last eight (or six…this feature is customizable) hours will be uploaded onto the machine. At the end of the night, your kind and handy kiosk attendant (I had one of the founders, Rush, and he was most awesome) hands you a USB with all of the uploaded images on it.

Michael and I walked away with almost 500 candids from the day. Talk about instant gratification! We spent a good portion of the following day reliving our wedding and couldn’t have been happier about it. Canditto is the reason I’ve been able to share so many pictures with you while waiting for our professional images.

Canditto is currently only available in New England, but come Spring 2009 they will have a version that can be sent via FedEx anywhere in the country.

Canditto isn’t just for weddings, either. They’d be great for birthday parties, graduations, office get togethers or any event you’d love to have pictures from immediately.

As a special bonus, book your Canditto before Decemeber 31, 2008 and mention this post to receive 10% off.

Contact Canditto with any questions on their contact page.

Today has been the work day from hell. So bad, in fact, that my Gmail status has read “Someone Give Me Chocolate” all day long.

And then someone did.

Like an angel, the FedEx man appeared with a package from the lovely Mike at MS&L Public Relations, who in honor of my wedding (his words!) was bestowing upon me the lovely gift of 15 delectable Ferrero Rochet chocolates.

Dude, this blogging thing? Has it’s perks.

A big thank you to Mike, MS&L and Ferrero Rochet for making my day. Now please excuse me while I go stuff my face.

As some of you have noticed (I see you clicking through!), in addition to writing about fashion and all things girly for The Winning Pitch, I have also started contributing to the Star50 blog where fashion, travel and adventure mesh into one blog.

Star50 Handbags makes super cute bags insipired  by the 50 states. We’re not talking cheesy or tacky, people. We’re talking adorable.

And because I love you guys, I must share this great little tidbit. Star50 Handbags will be hosting a Purse Party this Friday on The Winning Pitch blog. From 12-2 p.m. EST you can get 50% off your order (a steal) for you and your friends.

You won’t get the secret check-out code until Friday, but in the meantime, check out Star50 Handbags, then head over to The Winning Pitch and leave a comment about your favorite bag. One comment will be chosen at random and the winner will receive a free tote bag valued at $130!

(Comments have to be approved on The Winning Pitch so don’t worry if yours doesn’t pop up right away.)

I hope you all do some shopping and enter the contest. Sadly, I can’t, but I wish I could!

One of the super cute  bags you can get at Star50!

Some of you will be happy to know that I am putting the January funk behind me. Writing that post yesterday (and emailing all morning with Clink, who swore to me that no, you are not a giant snow beast and yes, you will fit perfectly into your wedding dress) was very therapeutic. It kicked my butt into gear and made me realize that with anxiety, it’s either sink or swim.

I don’t really enjoy swimming, but I’d really hate to sink.

So I dove into work, chipping away at projects little by little until it didn’t seem quite as overwhelming. I also went home and had lunch with Michael, and seeing the boy mid-day makes everything better. And right before the end of the day I got an email from this guy, which I won’t share, but let me just say that his encouraging words made me tear up a little.

So in celebration of a new month, I bring you the things that are making me very happy right now.

– I get to spend the weekend with my mom and aunt, getting fitted in my wedding dress, not the sample dress.

– Following the fitting there will be sushi. And shopping. And maybe a little chocolate.

– Next Friday, a very special guest is coming for the weekend. That’s right, I’m finally meeting Clink. We’ve agreed that for one weekend and one weekend only, all diets are off the table, as food and drink will be taking precedent.

– The weekend after that is my cousin’s wedding. A NYC affair that is bound to be spectacular. It’s also an excuse to put on a fabulous little black dress, curl my hair and dance all night.

– The gym–the place I used to despise–is becoming almost second nature. If I don’t go I feel off and when I do go, after working myself into a red, sweaty mess, I feel spectacular.

So see you later, January. I got me a date with February.

What does this month hold for you?

Saturday afternoon, Michael called me out into the yard. He had set up the hammock and wanted me to test it out.

I plan to spend my entire summer in that hammock.

There was a warm, gentle breeze and I spent the remainder of the afternoon lazily swaying back and forth as I read a book. Even the dog enjoyed it, because he’s a big people dog and could lie right under me.

I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard the neighborhood church bells ring out five times. Five o’clock. Time to get up.

I got ready and headed back to work. On Friday we had hosted a twice-annual press tour and it was time for the farewell dinner. Which meant amazing food. (Remember last year’s menu?) I think this meal was even better.

Michael and I both climbed in the hammock on Sunday, and as much as I longed to stay there, I had made plans to see Knocked Up. Go see it, it’s funny. When I got home the temperature had dropped, so I curled up on the couch with season one of Gilmore Girls (now that it’s over I have to own them all…only four more seasons to buy!) and enjoyed the rest of my weekend.

Today it’s raining, but you can bet that on the next sunny day you’ll be able to find me swaying gently in the breeze as I doze on the wonderful hammock.

I love summer.

Last night my office attended a banquet at Foxwoods. This was my second one and I couldn’t help but to enjoy the open bar and great food. This banquet was better than last year’s because this time around I actually knew people. Last year I had been on the job for almost a month and knew no one.

But last night was fun. All the food stations had miniature servings that while cute (and delicious–macaroni and cheese with lobster and truffles!) were deceiving. You brain definitely thinks you can eat more when everything is tiny.

But perhaps my favorite part of the night was bonding with fellow coworkers over some of the really weird things.

Cowboy hats. On a man and woman couple. In Connecticut. At a banquet. And the woman, who had hair down to her butt and was wearing an outfit comprised completely of shades of lilac, had a matching lilac scrunchy and cowboy hat. Lilac Cowboy Hat. Matching scrunchy. Wow.

Before the dinner there was a presentation in which two men accepted gifts. The first man handed over his gift to the other and then shook hands. After the handshake, one man pulled the other in for a typical man hug, you know, the one arm pat on the back kind. The pull-er was obviously into it, but the pull-y? Not so much. It was brief…and then it was time for the pull-y to present the pull-er with his gift.

One would think that a handshake would be sufficient for accepting this gift, but no! The pull-er was at it again! This time the pull-y was obviously thinking, “dude! Seriously?” but because he was in front of such a large group he had to go in for the hug. Awkward man hug #2, as he was most definitely not digging it.

The three of us that were sitting together, perhaps a little light headed from our drink on an empty stomach, found this hilarious.

Good times.

I love surprises. In high school my friends and family threw me a surprise party and I totally had no idea. It was awesome. My favorite Michael-surprise was during the first summer we were dating. He had dropped a friend off at Logan airport in Boston and called me on his drive back to Rhode Island. I was in New York at the time and was missing him something fierce. We chatted and then he casually asked if I had received the package he had sent. Apparently it was supposed to arrive that day.

Excited, I ran down the stairs and threw open the front door. I was momentarily disappointed when I realized there was no package on the doorstep. Until I looked up. And there was Michael, leaning against his truck smiling ear to ear. He had driven nearly four hours to spend the night. Best. Surprise. Ever.

Taking a cue from that wonderful day, I had arranged with my sister to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. I called her during the week and told her to expect a package to arrive on Friday. Since her birthday and Mother’s Day are so close together, I told her I had sent her a gift.

I arrived in New York with just enough time to settle in before she got home from work. When we heard her opening the front door my sister ran to greet her and tell her that she had left a surprise in her bedroom. When my mom opened the door I was sitting on the bed smiling. She was so surprised! (So surprised, in fact, that for a split second she didn’t even recognize me!)

The weekend was filled with shopping, lounging and eating. It was perfect. We ended Saturday evening with making a potential guest list for my wedding. (Not my idea! Really!) The list from just our side was already huge and will probably have to be cut down after Michael’s mother makes her list. There was something so exciting, yet so terrifying about making that list. Exciting because wedding! I want! Terrifying because I can already see that planning a wedding is stressful.

Now there’s just that pesky matter of getting engaged. And I want more than anything for that to be a surprise, too. As much as I want to know, I really don’t want to know. I want it to come out of nowhere and catch me off guard. Michael knows this. And since he’s so good at surprises I have no doubt that when the time comes, it will be amazing.

If you don’t have a dog currently, or have never had a dog, or are just not a dog person (hi Elle!), you might not find this story funny. But to me, it’s very funny…and shows just how smart these furry things can be.

puppy tongue

Below you will see a picture of one of our living room couches, adorned nicely with some throw pillows, including the cute red ones Boobeski made for me. (Yes, she made them. Talent, I know!) You will also notice Kodiak sitting on the floor, giving the impression that he is a well behaved, good boy who is not the least bit sneaky.

Now some background: Kodiak is not allowed on the couch. He knows this and when we’re home he is always on the floor. It never even crossed our minds that when we weren’t home, it would be a different story.

One day Michael left for work but realized he forgot something. When he came back in the house he noticed Kodiak was not in any of his usual spots. He rounded the corner and there he was, lying on the left side of the couch with his head resting on the arm rest. Flabbergasted, Michael yelled, “Kodiak! No!” He was met with a withering stare that could only mean “What’s the problem? I lie here every day!”

After some thought we decided that there wasn’t much we could do about it. And since it’s a leather couch, we’ve never had any problems keeping it clean. Kodiak is smart about it though. He always jumps down before we come in the house. But we know he’s been there because of a warm cushion and throw pillows knocked haphazardly onto the floor. Every time we see the pillows on the rug we bring him over to them and say “No!” in the hopes that one day he’ll get it.

wasn’t me

Turns out he’s a lot smarter than we thought. I came home from work the other day and Michael asked me why I had propped the red throw pillow up against the wall. I hadn’t. Why would I? He said he assumed I had since it was placed so neatly and gently, as if I moved it while straightening and forgotten to put it back.


Nope. Wasn’t me. Kodiak finally realized that pillows thrown on the floor are evidence. And when there’s evidence he gets yelled at. So he did what any smart “child” would do. He made it look like Mom did it.

He also only moved the one throw pillow that was in the way of his coveted left side spot. Tricky, tricky.


“Wasn’t me, guys. See? I’m cute.”