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– The woman who cuts our hair can only do it one evening a week. This gets complicated when it comes to getting Owen’s done, and although he’s been scheduled to get one for weeks now, she cancelled on us twice.

After she called last night I knew there was no way we could wait another week. He’s been complaining of hair in his eyes and he was looking pretty ragged. After no luck finding him another appointment today, I gave up and took him to Fantastic Sams. He looks better, but I definitely got what I paid for. Either that or I’m just too picky. I knew that would probably happen.


(It looks better in the picture than in reality, I think.)

– Wow, that was a boring story! Did you make it through ok? It’s beautiful here today so after we got home I left a sleeping Ryan in his car seat and Owen and I played with trucks and trucks and more trucks and some bubbles and then some more trucks. We also threw in some trucks for good measure.


– Our anniversary is in a few weeks and the weekend before we are going away on our annual NH trip. I cannot wait. It will be short and we will have the baby in tow, but I love it there so very much. Foliage and lake views, a roaring fire, maple candies and celebrating four wonderful years of marriage with my best friend.

– Both boys are whiny today. Send booze.

Because it wouldn’t be social media without a mention of JUST HOW HOT IT IS OMIGOOOOOD.

Y’all know it’s hot. I don’t need to tell you that. We’re having a heat waaaaave. A tropical heat waaaaave. And while going to the beach sounds like a good option in theory, in reality, it would be mean lugging a ton of stuff and a toddler to sit on the sand with lots of other people trying to avoid getting sweaty, and you know what? We have air conditioning. I think I’ll just sit in the house today.

Heat and I don’t mix. For starters, I get Tomato Face. It’s genetic, this face. My mom gets it. My sister gets it. Any time we think it’s a good idea to do some exercise, we are left with a bright red face that lasts forever. Like, FOREVER. There’s a picture of me in high school about an hour after the finale of my dance recital and my head looks superimposed on top of my body, like a bad Photoshop experiment. Really red face, really white body. It’s sexy…not.

When it’s this hot out, I don’t have to exercise to get Tomato Face, I just have to walk outside. Or into a warm building. I swear, I’ll be surrounded by other people who maybe have a little glow about them, and I look like I just ran back-to-back marathons while chugging steaming hot tea. Glisten, I do not.

Heat: 1, Molly: 0

Next, we have my hair. The minute a spec of humidity enters the atmosphere, my hair rebels like a petulant teenager and to prove to me just how mad it is, shrivels up into these teeny, tiny curls that frizz around my head like a halo. It’s worse after being pregnant, because I sprouted all these new hairs during my pregnancy and they’re only a few inches long right now, meaning when they curl up they’re about half-an-inch long and a bird could probably nest in it and you wouldn’t know the difference.

The ONLY product I found that ever really helped combat it (Hang Straight by Aveda) has been discontinued, and my heart broke into a million pieces upon hearing the news. An internet search left me seriously considering spending upwards of $40 for one tiny bottle on Ebay, but I stopped myself, rationalizing that there must be some other product out there that would do as good as a job. I’ve yet to find it, though, and so, my hair continues to act out.

Heat:2, Molly:0

Finally, I just get really whiny when I’m hot. Ask anyone in my family, and they can do a near-perfect impersonation of me complaining about the heat. “I’m hoooot.” Gah, how can you not complain? I think I’d rather be cold, honestly. Well, I don’t know. Neither are really that great of an option, but I think I complain less when I’m cold. When I’m hot, I just feel oppressed and until I’m sufficiently chilled, there is no solution.

Heat:3, Molly 0

But. BUT! The heat means all things icy, and I cannot tell you the joy I get from popsicles, ice cream, homemade watermelon icies, frozen lemonade (a Rhode Island tradition!) If nothing else, the heat means indulging in some icy deliciousness, and I consider that a win.

Heat:3, Molly:1

The odds are stacked against me, but at least they’re tasty.

Stay cool, all!

Or, “In One Where I Scare You With Unflattering Camera Photos That Give Me the Wonk Eye”.

The woman who cuts our hair is wonderful, but she works at two salons so she is only near us one evening a week. This used to be no problem, if I needed an appointment, I’d just schedule one for whenever. But the logistics of that have changed since having a baby and it now requires a little more planning than before. As a result, I tend to just forget to make an appointment until it’s SERIOUSLY TIME to make an appointment.

(Wonk Eye Photo Number 1)

Desperately needing a hair cut. And maybe a different effect on the phone’s camera that doesn’t make me a ghost.

It was so, so long and Owen has a field day ripping it from my head. I didn’t want a “mom” cut (and Michael’s only request with my hair is that I don’t chop it off — which is fine because I really don’t look good with short hair), but I needed a change. A change that would work even when I just threw my hair up quick. A look that was NOT working with this long no-style style.

(Wonk Eye Photo #2)

Just a mess. See those weird little wingy hairs over my ears? That’s brand new hair that showed up during my pregnancy, and is now in that weird too-tiny-to-be-even-remotely-cute stage. Hair takes a long time to grow, apparently.

So off I went last Thursday to the salon, wanting a small change. Just enough to feel like I had a style even when I didn’t have the time to style it.

I left like this.

(Wonk Eye Photo #3. What is UP with the wonk eye?)

Bangs! That I like! I think! Maybe! Not sure yet! (Also, must clean bathroom mirror. And not make awkward poses.)

I fiddled around with them the next day with some product and the flat iron because those stupid little new hairs like to freak out in the shower and curl up against my skull. It’s hot, really.

So, mom-on-the-go cute? I hope?

As much as I enjoy having blonde hair, the problem I face is that which I like to call the Dark Headband. Observe:


My roots grow in quickly and I’m left with a dark stripe around my head, usually a few weeks before my next salon appointment. And since salon appointments aren’t cheap, I have to wait the full six weeks before I go back.

But, with the onset of fall, I thought I’d give myself (and my bank account) a break, and change it up a bit.


I miss the blonde a little, but I have to say, I feel quite sassy.

Happy weekend!

Yesterday we had dinner at my mother-in-law’s house and she had two additional guests over — an older couple who haven’t seen us since our wedding.

The woman walks up to me to say hello, takes one look at me and says, “What did you do to your head?”

“You don’t like it?” I laughed in reference to my red hair.

“Ha. What do you think?” she replied. “Why would you do that to yourself?”

Taking the high road I say, “It was just time for a change.”

She shudders, turns to Michael and says, “How can you stand it?!”

“I love it,” he tells her.

She shakes her head and walks away.

I always knew the older people get the less they care about what they say, but come ON. It’s not like I shaved half of it off, dyed the rest magenta and tattooed Michael’s face on my skull. I’ll have to remember that for next time we see her.

Guys, I’m depressed. This no job thing coupled with the fact that no one is responding to my resumes added to being stuck in my house most of the day has left me in a serious funk.

Michael’s been a really great sport, but eventually he’s going to get tired of this bad mood I seem to be permanently stuck in. These Little Moments has suffered too, because for whatever reason I can’t seem to really get it up for the blog lately. I don’t like this…the blog has always been a space to release and the TLM community (you guys!) are so great and supportive that I really need to just drag my ass over to the computer every single morning and have a coffee date with you readers.

The reason I didn’t this morning was because in an effort to make myself feel better, I braved the seven degree weather (SEVEN!!!!) and headed off to the gym, more for the psychological benefits than the physical, but that’s an added bonus. I was half way through beating the crap out of the elliptical when who do I notice across the room, but my ex-boss. So I did what any depressed, jobless 26-year old would do. I stayed on the machine ten extra minutes to avoid running into her in the locker room.

Big bucket o’ chicken right here. Bock. Bock.

I don’t know if she saw me. If she did, she might not have recognized me. Especially since my sweaty face currently matched the color of my hair.

Oh yeah, I did it. Dyed my hair red last night. And in the moment right before the stylist pulled the towel off my head, the moment where I could just see the faintest bit of my hairline peaking through, I panicked. I silent panic, but a panic none the less. This is a BIG change. It’s only been about 18 hours so I still don’t know how I feel about it. I think I like it. Maybe. Probably. Gah.




*Kudos to whoever knows what song the title is from. No cheating!

So, you were expecting new hair color pictures, weren’t you? So was I. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix up at the salon and I’m going to be blonde until next Thursday when the appointment was rescheduled. I have to say, it’s pretty disappointing to finally decide to make the big change, only to have to go home and eat lasagna. (It was good lasagna, but still.)

Friday morning. Pictures. I promise.

Moving on…

Friday afternoon, still undecided on our mattress debacle, Michael and I headed to a mega furniture store to do one more comparison shopping. We pretty much had the mattress picked out, but figured checking out one more store couldn’t hurt.


I don’t know how it happened, because before this day we hadn’t even considered this option, but we found ourselves rolling back and forth from the firm to plush sides of a memory foam mattress. Swiss technology and all that jazz. Do we like this? I don’t know, do we? Is it better than the other mattress? Better, or different?

To make this excruciatingly long story shorter, we made the decision to purchase both a memory foam mattress and a recliner from this one store. The credit card was put down, the receipt signed, and we headed back home.

After going to the movies with some friends that night, I checked my phone and found multiple emails from Michael, all highlighting the bad things about memory foam mattresses.

They tell you when you purchase one that for a few weeks it may have a weird smell — they call that off-gassing — gas from the material that has to dissipate. They even suggest you put on clean socks and walk on it to help release the gas.


The more he read, the more forums he found about people getting sick — headaches, nausea, vomiting, rashes — that they never had before the bed, and never had again after getting rid of it. More research into the material brought light chemicals that can cause birth defects and possibly cancer.

Oh hellll no. We did not just buy a death bed. A very expensive death bed.

We both realize that these claims could just be made by hypochondriacs and that many people enjoy and rave about their memory foam mattresses. But after we read about all the potential dangers, we weren’t so sure anymore. People also claim that intimacy isn’t so great on them since there’s no bounce — you just sink in. When in comes time for baby making, not only would I like to enjoy it, but I’d like to prevent my children from having an extra arm or a nose in the middle of their forehead.

So what’s a sane, rational, sort of freaked out mattress buying couple to do?

They cancel their entire order the very next day.

Which brings us back to square one. No mattress.

We’re going back to the very first store to buy one of the very first mattresses we laid on. I guess we had to pull a Goldilocks and try them all, but jeesh, after all this shopping, I need a nap.

I know I went back and forth about this before, but I’m having a hair color dilemma again. My hair appointment is tomorrow and this time I am positive I am ready to let go of the blonde. It can always be blonde again and there’s something about the grayness of winter and the fact that I’m bored (omigod I’m so totally and completely bored — extended vacation my ass) that makes me crave a head-full of a warm rich color.

The question is, which warm rich color? Starting with the most brown and moving to the most red…

1) A chocolate/chestnut


2) Still a little chocolate with a hint of red…just no eggplant. Shudder.


3) Red, but not bright. More of a strawberry.


4) Red red red. With a little blonde highlighting in the front. (Side note, aw…doesn’t Lindsay look cute? Remember when she was all sweet and good?)


Help me! The appointment is at 5 p.m. tomorrow and result pictures will be posted Friday.

People, I have been trying unsuccessfully all morning to take a good cell phone picture for you to show you the hair cut.

I can’t.

I either look like a Muppet (remember, I am convinced I look like Janice) or I look like I got no sleep last night. And I did!

This was the best I could do. Sorry!


It’s flatter than  usual on top since my stylist uses a ion hair dryer and yup, it totally sucks all body from my hair. If you knew my father, you’d say this looks like him with a wig on.

I have to go clean my desk now, because I actually made myself allergic to my cube by not dusting in, oh…a WHILE.

I am so gross.

Happy Friday!

So, I just cried at my desk watching the trailer for my wedding video. Just thought you should know.

Then I sent it to basically all my friends and family so they could cry at their desks.

Some did.

Moving on…

Work this week and last has been crazy since I’m working Project That Is Big And Take Up Much Time so writing about anything that isn’t related to a) work or b) my wedding video trailer is kind of hard today.

Fact: I bought new jeans on Saturday and wore them Monday. I have them on again today and only now did Michael notice them. That’s ok, though. I think he noticed them because I was walking in front of him and he likes the way my butt looks in them. Oooh.

Fact: I have not updated my Wanting/Wearing sections in, oh, MONTHS. Sorry, I know, I suck.

Fact: There have been people working on our office heating system for three days. They’re not here today. It’s still cold. Like, 27 degrees outside when I left for work. I’m wearing tights under my jeans.

Fact: My hair appointment is tomorrow. I’m thinking of something like this:


Fact: I have to go watch my wedding video one more time before burying myself in work. Ok, maybe two more times.

Ask me anything!

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