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– Michael and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary last month. We celebrated by returning to our beloved New Hampshire for two whole nights SANS CHILDREN. Do you know what that means??


I also ate some open-faced BLT thing that was made from bacon, fried tomatoes, and guacamole on garlic bread. That was pretty amazing. But not as amazing as the napping.

– About a month ago, Ryan weaned. The other day Owen was looking at me with a perplexed look. I asked him what was up and he said, “if Ryan doesn’t drink mommy milk anymore, why do you still have those big things on you?”

I explained that all women have breasts, even if there’s no baby drinking milk. He started laughing and asked for some applesauce. Ooooook. Kids are weird.

– Ryan is finally starting to say more than “bah!” for everything. His recent favorite is “stinky” while waving his hand in front of his nose when I change his diaper. Boys and toilet humor. It starts young.

– Daylight Savings is kicking my butt. The first morning Owen woke up at the old 6, and Ryan woke up at the new 8:30. I don’t get it either. Since then, Owen has slowly been creeping to the new 6, emphasis on slowly. Today was 5:45. Child, no. He just comes in our room and announces he’s awake. Well, good for you. I am NOT. All should even out just in time to spring forward.

– I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around having a kid who can (kind of) write their name. Wasn’t Owen just born?


Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary. We celebrated the weekend before by returning to where we honeymooned in New Hampshire. It’s become tradition. We return every year and with each passing year a new event seems to follow us.

Our first anniversary was just a week after finding out I was pregnant with Owen. Our second we had baby in tow. Our third was five weeks after moving into our new home. We traveled solo leaving Owen with family, and unbeknownst to us, we left with a little souvenir who we brought with us in tow just this past weekend. We’ve managed to squeeze a lot into four years.


The drive to NH. Can’t beat New England in the fall.


The view from our room. See why we keep going back?!

I’m pretty stinking in love with Michael and this little life we’ve built together.

Scott Zuehlke Photography

P.s. Next year we are going away with NO children for TWO WHOLE DAYS. Is it next year yet? (Just kidding.) (Mostly.)

Tonight my friend Ashley is marrying the woman she loves, and I cannot wait to celebrate with them. I love weddings — everything about them. The anticipation before it all begins, the music, the dress, how everything seems sparkly. The LOVE. (And, well, the appetizers. I love me some appetizers.) I am a sucker for vows and cry nearly every time, whether they’re standard or written by the couple.

I am especially excited for this particular wedding for a few reasons. One, it’s a night out! With my husband! My sister has graciously come to town to get in some snuggles with Owen, so she will stay home with him tonight. Also, since Ashley and I became friends in college when we joined the same sorority, that means we have some amazing friends in common who will be there tonight. I can’t remember the last time all of us were in one room together. Add that to dancing and cocktails, and you’ve got the recipe for a wonderful time.

Tonight, I will curl my hair, put on a short dress and some high heels and celebrate love, laughter, and friends.


Happy weekend, all!

Two years ago today, I was up early excited to be getting married.

Today, I was up early feeding my baby and watching Sesame Street.

An amazing two years…Happy Anniversary, Michael!

In the These Little Moments household, we’ve pretty much taken on the traditional male and female gender roles.

Aside from the occasional freelance work I do, Michael is the sole financial provider. After a year and half of job searching to no avail, my unemployment insurance is no longer and I will be stating  a new job in about six weeks — that of a Stay at Home Mom. We’ve figured out a way to make it work. A little less frivolous spending, a little more coupon clipping. Nothing that wouldn’t have been smart to do anyway. And the truth is, even if I had been working outside the home all this time, we most likely would have tried to make it work for me to stay at home with This Little Baby anyway, because it was important to both of us.

The time I’ve spent at home definitely has solidified our roles, though. I do all the cooking, the shopping, the cleaning, the laundry. (Except for scrubbing the shower, which I’ve made Michael’s chore, because I think he’s better at it. That and because breathing in those fumes lately didn’t seem like the best idea, unless we wanted baby to have an extra toe or something.) Michael takes care of paying the bills (side note: yes, I am involved in our finances, very much so. He just actually takes the time to sit down and pay the bills.), all yard work, anything involving our vehicles, and fixing things around the house.

Yes, at first I resented it. It would annoy me each time I took out the vacuum or soaped up the sponge. But as time went on, I began to think of it as my job. Because here’s the thing…he leaves the house for 40 hours a week (more, when he works overtime) to make a living to support our family. It’s one piece of our life puzzle. The fact of the matter is, we need money, and he can provide that.

In turn, I do the things that need to be done here at home. We need food. And I am kind of fond of clean underwear and a dog hair-free living environment. And I have the time to make those things a reality. Not to mention that soon, I’ll be doing those things while taking care of a new life. It should also be said that if I really needed help with something, Michael would help me. Except for cooking. The boy cannot cook to save his life. Something about the inability to multi-task in the kitchen. But, he does always thank me for each meal I make him, so that helps.

I’ve had friends make comments about our arrangement. Thinking it’s archaic that a man in 2010 doesn’t pick up a dinner shift or push the vacuum around once in awhile. Truth be told, two years ago I might have said the same thing. But now, at this point in our lives, it really works for us and most importantly, we’re happy. I don’t resent him for working, but not cleaning, and he doesn’t resent me for not traditionally working. (Although, I think he’s jealous that I can nap in the middle of the day.) Marriage is a partnership, and I think we’re each doing our part. Plus, I’ve reached a point where I’m actually happy doing what I do. Except for the vacuuming, because, blah.

What are the roles like in your home? Are you the “typical” woman? (Or man, although I think I only have like two male readers, but hey, if you’re out there boys, speak up!) If so, do you resent having to take on that role, or are you happy doing it?

Time is a funny thing. A year can feel so slow – like the year leading up to our wedding day. And then it can go by in a heartbeat.

Tomorrow, October 24th, we will have been married for one whole year.

In the nearly eight years we’ve been together, this has definitely been the best year yet.


We have the type of love that people search their whole lives for. I know how truly blessed I am to have found mine so young.

Michael is my best friend, my heart, my everything. He brings out the best in me always and I am honored and so, so, SO happy to be his wife.


Here’s to many more years!

I should have mentioned this earlier, but our photography was done by the super talented Scott Zuehlke Photography.







Making these posts has really been great for me, because I’m reliving such a wonderful day. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

More pictures!





Saturday is our one-year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how quickly this year flew by and woah, what a year it was.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite wedding photos this week to commemorate. You’ve seen some of them, but I think that’s OK.

Happy Love Week!




I wish I had something insightful or funny or entertaining to write about today, but the truth is, I don’t. I want to turn off the computer right this moment because you see in the summer? My husband takes a lot of overtime. The money is good and especially since I’m not working, any extra income is welcome.

But the downside is I don’t get to see him too much. Especially on the weekends, when he works 10 and 16 hour days, falls asleep, then does it all over again. I appreciate his work more than I can say, but the truth is I miss him like crazy.

So when he decided last night that today he would take a vacation day — on a day where there will be sun! and heat! and more sun! — I was overjoyed.

There will be boating. There will be lunching. And there will be a wonderful day spent with the man I am totally head over heels for.

I am so excited.

Ask me anything!

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