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There’s never a good time to step in urine, but stepping in urine before 7 a.m. really takes the cake.

We’re knee deep in potty training Owen and while he’s doing excellent — really! — boys have that whole extra issue of having to tuck it in and because of that, occasionally I find myself dodging puddles. We’ve bought stock in Clorox Wipes.

I guess I can’t really complain too much. He announced one day while in the tub that he had to go potty, and after that things just took off. I still have to tell him it’s time to take a “potty break”, as he only sometimes tell us he has to go, but if we keep up on him he spends almost every day entirely dry and many nights too. He’s also been learning the concept of “privacy”, and now wants us to leave the bathroom and shut the door while he goes. Cracks me up, this kid.

ANYWAY, I digress. My point was that at 6:39 a.m. I opened the bathroom door to find that not everything had made it in the bowl and I guess those things can get some range, because the puddle I stepped in was closer to the door than the potty. At the same time, Ryan was complaining from his crib where I put him after he woke to eat at 5:30 and wouldn’t go back to sleep, and Kodiak was all up my butt wanting breakfast.

I finally got everyone situated, but before I could get a drop of caffeine in my system, Ryan was ready to go back to sleep (uh, yeah. Because you were up at 5:30, kiddo.), Owen wanted breakfast and Sesame Street and now the kitchen floor needed wiping from Kodiak shaking his face after drinking. Sometimes I feel like I’ve had an entire day before the day ever starts.

– I’ll admit it. I totally use Owen as a “babysitter”. For example, Ryan’s needs are all met and he is happily playing on his play mat while I write this. Until he’s not happy, for whatever reason, and starts to fuss. “Hey, Owen. Go make your brother laugh,” I’ll say. And he does. And I get five more minutes of me time. We’ll have to have another kid just to keep the cycle going.

– Have you started holiday shopping? I…haven’t. I kind of know what I’m getting most people, but aside from one purchase already made for Owen, I’ve done nothing. I always say I’m going to shop year-round to avoid last minute stress and I NEVER DO. Never. Of course.

– Speaking of holidays, don’t forget you have until Friday to enter to win $50 off your Tiny Prints order. Do it! Cards are expensive! Free stuff!

– Random (appropriate for this post, no?) but do you have a headboard for your bed? Do you love it? I really, really want one, but they’re so expensive and I just can’t commit. I want one that is padded but won’t collect dust and hair. I’m not sure I love leather. I’m pretty much screwed, right? Help?

Something like this, maybe. I really like the clean, modern look of it. I do not like the price tag. Damn you, West Elm and you’re pretty, expensive things.

– In the time it took to write this post, we had another successful potty endeavor. One and two, if you cared to know. (You probably didn’t.) I’m happy to report everything made it into the bowl and no mothers were forced to step in anything gross. The end.

Before Ryan was born I didn’t go crazy decorating the nursery. I used the same bedding and furniture as last time, only adding a new glider and rug, and since he won’t be sleeping in there exclusively for a few months, I figured I had some time to personalize it with artwork. (I want to do something with his name, but didn’t want to reveal it before he was born.) (Also, I’m lazy.)

No, what was most important to me was getting Owen settled in his Big! Boy! Room! I wanted him to have a place that was just his where he really enjoyed spending time. I wanted it to be kid-friendly, but still have enough sophistication that it could grow with him over the next few years.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. Sure, it’s no swoon-worthy Pinterest bedroom, but it makes me happy, and more importantly, Owen LOVES it. If you come over, expect him to give you a full tour of his new favorite room.

The hardest part of this room was picking the right blue for the walls. When we finally got around to painting it, I came into the room the next morning and hated it. We had spent two nights working on it while Owen slept and Michael despises painting, so I was hesitant to admit that it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I sat on it a day, though, and I’m glad I did, because once I put everything in the room it turned out to be exactly right.

I’m pretty sure the rug is my favorite accessory. I found it at Marshalls for $60, originally priced at $150. I love that store! I bought it long before I had anything else for the room, so it served as the main design inspiration. The bed is the top half of a bunk bed set. We plan to have the boys room together eventually, so we stored the bottom piece for now and Owen gets the feel of a big bed, with the safety of the railings. The beds can be bunked, or used as two individual twins.

Oops! This one came out blurry. I bought two sets of sheets at Target; one is plain red and the other is covered in construction equipment. Cement mixers! Bulldozers! I bet you can guess which one Owen is obsessed with. The navy quilt and pillows are from HomeGoods. They are red and white stripes, and lobsters and crabs. That black blob is a stuffed Newfoundland who Owen calls Baby Kodiak.

I really wanted an alphabet poster for his room. I had one as a kid and I remember enjoying it. I found this one on and while it was a little more than I wanted to spend on a poster, I just knew it was the one. The letter ‘Q’ is for quahog, (a type of clam native to Rhode Island), and it just seemed like a perfect fit. This wall/corner is the only spot that feels unfinished to me,  but I didn’t want to hang anything that could possibly fall on him while he slept (i.e. – something framed). Eventually I’ll add something else.

I already had the framed sailboat print, and the tropical fish mobile was a gift when he was born. The photo of me holding Owen the day he was born was taken by my friend.

The framed photos are of Kodiak, the three of us (well, four — I was pregnant), and Michael and Owen asleep in bed when Owen was an infant. The art table was mine as a child — a gift from my grandmother that I’m so happy to pass on — and the glider was the one Michael’s mom used when he was a baby. At some point I may add bookshelves to this wall. Currently, he has books in that basket. As for toys, our living room and family room are full of them, so I didn’t allocate space for them in the room right now, although not surprisingly, there are usually some trucks in there!

There you have it! Owen’s room.

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