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I want to remember today.

It’s just an every-day. Nothing extraordinary has happened. No monumental events experienced.

No, today we just…played outside. We blew bubbles and hit t-balls. We filled buckets with water and dirt, and dug holes. We pulled dandelions and rolled balls; sat on the deck and stuffed ourselves full of fresh fruit and hummus.

Today the smell of sunscreen mingled with that of the sunny marigolds next to our blanket, and our soundtrack has been the banjo strums of Mumford & Sons wafting between peals of laughter. Only now is it quiet, as the babies fell into an afternoon slumber without protest.

I want to remember today — the beginning of that magical time of year where our days fade lazily into one another and the evenings hold the heat of the sun just long enough. The anticipation of the three magical months ahead. I want to remember because it is the start of something wonderful.

Welcome, Summer. We have missed you.


Can someone explain to me the need for women to dress up for the beach? I’ve spent the last few days on the sand and I have to tell you, I just don’t get it.

The makeup. The jewelry. The styled hair worn down in 80 degree weather.

My makeup? It’s sunscreen. My jewelry? My wedding band, sans engagement ring because it gets all sunscreen-y. My hair? In a knot on top of my head. Going to the beach around here usually means rolling out of bed and throwing on your bathing suit.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

And OH do I have a people watching outfit to tell you about. Yesterday, a woman sitting near me on the beach was taking off her street clothes and left on what I thought was a really odd shirt. It was cropped at the belly and had puffy sleeves and was plaid.

Not her shirt. Her bathing suit top. I’ve never seen anything like it. It looked like it should be the top of a sexy pirate costume.

I love the beach.

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