Do any of you visit a chiropractor? I’ve been debating going to one for awhile, but a combination of fear and laziness has prevented it thus far. Michael goes to one occasionally and swears by it, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to relax enough before the big CRACK to have it be effective.

You see, I have a really long neck. Like, really long. And occasionally the top of my neck gets in a fight with the bottom of my head and they beat each other up for awhile until there is a lot of pressure where they connect and I start to get headaches. Sometimes my shoulders join in the fight too. I never thought of my head as particularly big (on the contrary, most hats are too big for me), but apparently my neck and shoulders are taking a lot of stress holding it up.

I usually get a massage when this happens, but a) they’re expensive and b) it feels like a readjustment might work better than just working the muscles. Lately I’ve also felt like my hips are literally out of line from where they should be, so I’m thinking maybe the chiropractor can help that too.

Except, I’m scared. A friend of mine had a really bad experience with a chiropractor once that left her in the hospital. The guy Michael visits gets raves across the state and has an office full of testimonials…yet I’m still scared.

He says I should go for it. Give it a try. What do you think? Do any of you have any experience with it?

My head, shoulders, knees and toes and hips thank you.