Do you find when you have a day off from work the next day is ridiculously! busy! all! day!? That’s what’s happened to me today, so in lieu of talking all about the almost 100% wedding date (October 24, 2008!), I’m taking a cue from my girl Clink and asking for your opinion. Of course, I probably can’t afford most of these for my wedding day shoe, but it’s nice to dream, right?

#1 Sophisticated, yet sweet. I love how the little bow would peek out from under my dress and the heel isn’t super high so I wouldn’t have to worry about changing shoes later.


#2 Simple and very bridal. It’s one of those dyeable shoes, so much more affordable then say, a Jimmy Choo and I like the little rouching on the straps.


#3 Mainly because it’s a Stuart Weitzman and so freaking cute. I’ve actually had this particular shoe in the “Wanting” column in multiple colors. Le sigh…


#4 For something totally different, perhaps a pop of color in something fantastic like red. Or blue! Or pink!


So, what do you like and why? And feel free to send me pictures of your favorites (or the most appalling things you’ve ever seen.) When readers send them I always save them to add to the next Makes My Feet Hurt installment!